UW Bothell Alert

The SR-522/I-405 exit ramp to the south entrance of the UW Bothell/Cascadia CC campus will be closed beginning Wednesday, Sept. 17 until further notice. Drivers are advised to take the Beardslee exit (195th street) as an alternative.


Office of Research

Project/Research Implementation

Process owners:

  • Office of Research
  • Principal Investigator
  • School/Program
  • University shared functions (GCA, OSP, HSD, IACUC)
  • Office of Budget & Planning/Human Resources
  • Sponsor

This is the day-to-day administration of the grant.

  1. Approving expenditures
  2. Processing expenditures
  3. Monthly reconciliations
  4. Monthly status reports (for UWB)/Projections
  5. Faculty Effort Certifications
  6. Grant & Contract Certifications
  7. Submit no-cost extension
  8. Sponsor required reporting
  9. Monitor budget
  10. Interpreting rules/compliance
  11. Budget activities - hiring, equipment purchases, construction, space use

Did You Know?

UW Bothell has been designated a veteran-friendly campus by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.