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Office of Research

Investigating Public Art Practices

Public art is an interdisciplinary field that covers a vast array of mediums, methodologies and underlying conceptual approaches in works of art in public spaces. All of us in this RIG are teaching public art in various forms and hope through regular meetings to accomplish our goals.


  1. Stay abreast of current theoretical approaches and methodologies being employed in contemporary public art practices
  2. Investigate the breadth of public art course offerings at UWB to learn where they intersect or overlap, how they might build upon one another and to explore future directions for curricular growth in this area of study 
  3. Discuss and support each other's professional practices and to explore opportunities for collaboration both in the classroom and in our own professional practices

Current members:

Carrie Bodle, Amy Lambert, Deborah Caplow, Alejandra Salinas, Aeron Bergman, Ted Hiebert, and Gary Carpenter

Lead Contact:

Gary Carpenter