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Past Research in Progress Sessions:

March 3rd, 2015- CoLab, "Charting New Directions Through Inclusive Education"

B EDUC 491B – Special Topics in Education: Charting New Directions Through Inclusive Education- 2 credits

Curated by Dean Brad Portin & Associate Dean Antony Smith, SES
Research In Progress seminar series featuring UW Bothell investigators discussing their research, are open to interested faculty, students and staff as well as alumni and interested community partners. The aim of this series is to foster interdisciplinary communication/collaboration to increase awareness of work currently being done by UWB faculty.
Students must attend all four Research in Progress presentations by School of Educational Studies (SES) faculty and a faculty lead seminar on three other Mondays, 1/26; 2/2; and 3/2
Certified educators may earn up to 4-8 clock hours for participation in the SES Research in Progress presentations. Participants must attend at least two 2-hour presentations to qualify for 4 clock hours. Clock hour participation forms will be available at each presentation. Clock hours and credits cannot be earned for the same event.

January 12th, 2014- "Framing Inclusion", Jason Naranjo, School of Educational Studies (SES); "Leadership for Inclusive Schools, Tom Bellamy, Pam Hopkins, Brad Portin, SES

January 26th, 2014- "Migration, Diversity & Schooling: Historical & Contemporary Perspectives" Cherry Banks, SES; "Intergrating Mathematics & Literacy Discussion in Inclusive Classrooms" Antony Smith, Allison Hintz, SES

February 9th, 2014- "Peace Education's Inclusive Classrooms & Schools", Pamela Joseph, SES; "What Does it Mean to Include Students Acquiring English?", Karen Gourd, SES

February 23rd, 2014- "Colors of Nature: Designing Inclusive STEAM Education to Promote Science Identity Work in Middle School Girls", Carrie Tzou, SES; "Serving All Children? Inclusion, Exclusion & Education Reform", Wayne Au, SES


October 28th, 2014- "Panel Discussion:key Issues Surrounding Veterans Health", Andrea Kovalesky, Nursing & Health Studies

November 12th, 2014- "Collaborating with Stangers Workshop: Communities, Culture & Health", Campus LIbrary and Office of Community Based Learning & Research

November 18th, 2014- "Citizens, Consumers, Recipients: Communities and Global Health", Nora Kenworthy, Nursing & Health Studies

November 25th, 2014- "Are Technologies Cultural? A Case Study of HIV Drugs and Diagnostics", Johanna Crane, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

December 4th, 2014- "Engineering a Better Health Care System", Heather Young, Associate Vice Chanellor of Nursing at UC Davis


April 8th, 2014- "History of the Wetlands" Warren Gold, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

April 15th, 2014- "The UWB/CCC Wetlands Geo-Database: Mapping Boundaries, Hydrological Features and Plant Communities" UWB/CCC Geo-Database Working Group (Hazel Asuncion, CSS; Warren Gold, SIAS; Santiago Lopez, SIAS; Charlotte Rasmussen, CUSP; Rob Turner, SIAS and students)

April 22nd, 2014- "Place Based Pedagogy: Teaching and Learning in the Wetlands." TIPS/RIP Roundtable

April 29th, 2014- "Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci from Crows and their Environment" Marilyn Roberts, Professor, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, School of Public Health at UW Seattle

May 13th, 2014-"Fecal Coliform and Nutrient Dynamics in North Creek, the Wetland and the Campus Runoff" Rob Turner, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

May 20th, 2014- "Temporal and Spatial Dynamics of a Seasonally Changing Crow Rosst: Effects on Soil Mesofauna and Plant Communities" Doug Wacker, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

May 27th, 2014- "Crow Impact on Invasive Speicies Proliferation" Warren Gold, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences with students Ian Barlow & Holly Zox, Edmonds CC


January 14th, 2014- "Mash-ups and Mishaps: Viral Data and Digital Transmission Vectors" Jason Pace, Digital Futures Lab

January 21st, 2014- "Data Processing and Display in the Context of Medical Devices: An Instructive Example" Pierre Mourad, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

January 28th, 2014- "Sponsors of Policy: A Network Analysis of Wealthy Elites, their Affiliated Philanthropies, and Charter School Reform in Washington State" Wayne Au, Education Program

February 4th, 2014- Related Event: IAS Colloquium (Rose Room)-"Remapping Imaginary and Imagined Communities" Ted Hiebert, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences; Jin-Kyu Jung, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

February 11th, 2014- "Distributed Trust in Pervasive Systems" Brent Lagesse, Computer and Software Systems

February 18th, 2014- "Telling the Story of Environmental Inequities: A GIS Approach to TRI Data" Gwen Ottinger, David Headrick and Chris Wright, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

February 25th, 2014- "Understanding the Impact of Economic Geography on U.S Audit Markets: Promises and Challenges"
Rajib Doogar, Business

March 11th, 2014- "Abracadata: Artists' Books in the Digital Age" Amaranth Borsuk, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences


October 8th, 2013- "Citizen Science and the Many Faces of Environmental Justice"  Gwen Ottinger, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

October 15th, 2013- "Exploring Race and Place: An Investigation on Neighborhood Racial Homogeneity and Social Bonding as Promoters of Collective Action"  Charles Collins, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

October 22nd, 2013- "Collaborative Salmon Recovery in Washington and Oregon: The Role of the State?"  Nives Dolsak, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

October 29th, 2013- "Let's go to the videotape: An analysis of collaboration in the software development community"  David Socha, School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

November 12th, 2013- "Co-evolution of industries, social movements, and institutions: Wind power in the U.S."  Tim Hargrave, School of Business

November 18th, 2013- Collaborating with Strangers, North Creek Events Center, 3:30pm - 5:30pm

November 18th, 2013- Special Event! IAS Distinguished Speaker Series presents Roopali Phadke, North Creek Events Center, 6:00pm - 7:00pm.


April 9th, 2013- “Learning and Transformation at UW Bothell”  Dan Jacoby, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

April 16th, 2013- “Flying High: Determining the Distribution of Airborne Mercury over the Eastern U.S.” Jesse Ambrose, School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

April 23rd, 2013-  "MASS: A Multi-Agent Spacial Simulation Library" Munehiro Fukuda, School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

April 30th, 2013- “The Double Bind of Dharun Ravi: Cyberbigotry and the Work of Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak” Rahul Gairola, Center for University Studies and Programs

May 14th, 2013- “Cognitive Radio: Its Promises and Challenges”  Tad Ghirmai, School of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

May 21st, 2013- “Desperate Women and Lonely Hearts: Moving From the Study of Interventions for, to the Study of Discourses about Women with Incarcerated Partners” Cheryl Cooke, Nursing and Health Studies Program


January 15th, 2013- "Digital Mashups: Pushing the Physical World into Digital Experiences and Pulling out the Unexpected."  Jason Pace, Director, Center for Serious Play

January 22nd, 2013- "Estimating operating leverage from financial statements."  Lorna Hardin, Assistant Professor, School of Business

January 29th, 2013- "Coupled natural and human systems: investigating the climatic influences and environmental impacts of the rise and fall of the Mongolian Empire." Avery Cook Shinneman, Lecturer, CUSP

February 12th, 2013- "What's in a Name: Immingrant Journalism in a Digital Age." Kristin Gustafson, Lecturer, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

February 19th, 2013- "Race, Taxes and Rights: Taxpayer Identity and the Structure of Racial Inequality." Camille Walsh, Lecturer, School of Interdiscplinary Arts & Sciences

February 26th, 2013- "Developing School Leaders: Imagining New Roles for Districts, Universities, and Prospective Principals." Tom Bellamy, Director, The Goodlad Institute for Education Renewal

March 12th, 2013- "The provision of educational services and experiences that promote positive post-school outcomes for urban youth with disabilities: To what extent is it happening?"  Jason Naranjo, Assistant Professor, Education Program


October 9th, 2012- "Cross-eyed Creativity and other Curiosities." Ted Hiebert, Assistant Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Sciences


October 16th, 2012- "Brains: What do Zombies know that you don't?" Mike Stiber, Professor, Computing and Software Systems


October 23rd, 2012- "A Story-writing Activity with Native American Influence: Insights from Pedagogical Workshop for Business Educators." Deanna Kennedy, Assistant Professor, School of Business


October 30th, 2012- "Evolution in Action: Cooperating in a Different World." Kristina Hillesland, Assistant Professor, Science & Technology Program


November 13th, 2012- "How Can School-Embedded Professional Development Support Ambitious and Equitable Mathematics Practices?" Allison Hintz, Assistant Professor, Education Program  Special Time: 4:30p - 5:30p!!


November 20th, 2012- "The World According to Carp: Exploring Inhibitory Circuit Formation in the Zebrafish Eye." Alaron Lewis, Lecturer, Science & Technology Program


November 27th, 2012- "How are Children Affected by Growing Up with Knowledge of Their Genetic Test Results?" Chris Wade, Assistant Professor, Nursing and Health Studies Program


April 10th, 2012- "Emptiness, Mindfulness, and the Sustainable Life: Insights from Japanese Aesthetics, Poetry, and Philosophy" Steven W. Collins, Associate Professor, Science and Technology Program and Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and Amie Heisserman, Undergraduate Student, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

April 17th, 2012- "Coffee Science in Nicaragua: A Retrospective"  Chuck Jackels, Professor, Science and Technology Program and Computing and Software Systems

April 24th, 2012- "Children's Meanings of Community: Applying Qualitative GIS to Child-Orientated Research"  Jin-Kyu Jung, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

May 8th, 2012- "My Place in Puget Sound, Part 2: Understanding Students' Sense of Place in Relation to the Environment"  Carrie Tzou, Assistant Professor, Education Program

May 15th, 2012- "Sustainable Business: Oxymoron? Smokescreen? or Strategic Imperative?"  Kevin Laverty, Associate Professor, Business Program

May 22nd, 2012- "'We are the Conspiracy' An Oral History of the Seattle Liberation Front, The Day After Demonstration and the Seattle 7 Trial"  Linda Watts, Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences


January 10th, 2012- "Building Student, Staff and Organizational Capacity; Collaborative Community Based Program Evaluation (CCBP)" Shauna Carlisle, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

January 17th, 2012- "Creating and Maintaining Great Teams: Team Mindset, Flow and Self-efficacy"  David Socha, Assistant Professor, Computing and Software Systems

January 24th, 2012- "An Overview of Air Quality Research in the Jaffe Research Group"  Jesse Ambrose, Post-doctoral Research Associate and Lecturer, Science and Technology

January 31st, 2012- "Night and Day on Planet 4-Earth."  Peter Littig, Assistant Professor, Science and Technology

February 13th-16th, 2012- TIC Talks at the Chancellor's Forum on Exploring Innovation and Creativity

February 21st, 2012- "It may be green, but is it just? Utility-scale wind energy in the Pacific Northwest"  Gwen Ottinger, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences

February 28th, 2012- "Countering an Ecology of Violence: The Ethical Complexity of Curriculum Leadership"  Pamela Bolotin Joseph, Senior Lecturer, Education Program and Edward Mikel, Interim Dean and Core Faculty, Antioch University, Seattle WA


October 18th, 2011- "Game-Themed Computer Science EducationL Empowering the Faculty." Kelvin Sung, Professor, Computing and Software Systems

October 25th, 2011- "Having the Right People: A Study of Team Composition and Performance." Deanna Kennedy, Assistant Professor, Business

November 8th, 2011- "Social and Civic Development Through Engaged Scholarship: Building Capacity and Assessing Outcomes." Shauna Carlisle, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences; Karen Ericson, Director, Community-Based Learning and Research, The Teaching and LEarning Center; Karen Gourd, Assistant Professor, Education; and Keith Nitta, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences

November 15th, 2011- "Kinesthetics in Mathematics Education." Robin Angotti, Associate Professor, Education

November 22nd, 2011- "Leadership and Entrepreneurial Resilience." Alan Boss, Assistant Professor, Business

November 29th, 2011- "The Financing Choices of American Consumers: The Influence of Cognitive Disposition, Material Values, and Quantitative Literacy." Cinnamon Hillyard, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences; and Peter Nye, Associate Professor, Business


April 12th, 2011- Hazel Asuncion, Assistant Professor, Computing and Software Systems, “Automated Traceability Techniques for Software Engineering and e-Science.

April 19th, 2011- Kristy Leissle, Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and Center for University Studies Program, “The Politics of a Chocolate Bar: From Single Origins to Craft Market Innovations

April 26th, 2011- Kristin Gustafson, Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and Center for University Studies Program, Grassroots, Activist Media: Balancing Loyalties to Community, Activism, and Journalism

May 10th, 2011- Christopher Wade, Assistant Professor, Nursing Program, “Will Telling People About their genetic Susceptibility for Developing Common Diseases Improve the Effectivenss of Public Health Prevention Efforts?

May 17th, 2011- Betheny Gross, Senior Research Analyst, Center for Reninventing Public Education, “Getting the Teachers They Want: Hiring Teachers for Autonomous Charter Schools

May 25th, 2011- "Discourse 2011" - A Gala Dinner Celebration of Research-In-Progress featuring 5 minute "lightning talks" by UW Bothell faculty discussing new and cutting edge research.


January 8th, 2011- Rob Turner, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, “Applications of 3-D High Resolution Measurements of Nitrate Concentrations In and Around Puget Sound (and other Adventures in Water Quality).”

January 18th, 2011- Kimberly Williams-GuillĂ©n,  Acting Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences,  Investigating Cryptic Trophic Interactions Through Molecular Scatology -- The Diets of Insect-Eating Bats in the Neotropics.”

January 25th, 2011- Carol Zander, Principal Lecturer, Computing and Software Systems, "Threshold Concepts: Investigating the Learning Process."

February 8th, 2011- Tony Smith, Assistant Professor, Education Program, “Assessing Adolescent English Language Learning Students’ Recall of Informational Texts Using Scaffolded Prompts.”

February 15th, 2011- Peter Littig, Assistant Professor, Science and Technology Program, “Playing Games in the Classroom: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Collaborative Group Work.”

February 22nd, 2011- Wayne Au, Assistant Professor, Education Program, “Of Automatons and Activists: High-stakes Testing, the Control of Teaching, and the Resistance of Teachers.”

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011- 12:30pm in LB1-205: Special Brown Bag RIP- Peter Richardson, Lecturer, Center for University Studies and Programs, "The Imaginary Organization: Play and Work on Shopfloors."

March 8th, 2011- Rebecca Price, Assistant Professor, Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, "Stress and Sea Snail Size: Submersion,Selection and Students."


October 19th, 2010- Carrie Tzou, Education - "My Place in Puget Sound: Applying Ethnographic Findings about Youths' Sense of Place in Ocean Education"

October 26th, 2010- Tayfun Keskin, Business - "You can Leave When the Systems are in Place: an analytical model of collaborative information technology moderation in dyanmic teamwork with team member departure"

November 9th, 2010- Peter Littig, Science & Technology - "Playing Games in the Classroom: A Game-Theoretic Analysis of Collaborative Group Work" Postponed

November 16th, 2010- Deanna Kennedy, Business Program, "Examinging team collaboration to learn about process (in)effectiveness.

November 23rd, 2010- Kimberly Williams-Guillen, Assistant Professor, Interdiscplinary Arts & Sciences - "Investgating Cryptic Trophic Interactions through Molecular Scatology - The Diets of Insect-eating Bats in the Neotropics" Postponed

November 30th, 2010- Eric Salathe, Science & Technology - "Regional Climate Modeling Research: simulating pathways for climate change impact"


Did You Know?

Fifty-one percent of UW Bothell's first year students are the first in their families to attend college.