Dr. Gold working with students in wetland

What's Happening in UWB Research?

Let faculty tell you themselves in these short biography-style videos! Each video is accompanied by information about the faculty member and a link to their professional website. This is a great way for undergraduate students interested in research to learn about research opportunities on campus. If you are a student interested in research, visit the Undergraduate Research webpage to learn more! 



How Clean is Our Air?

Watch Professor Dan Jaffe explain the impact Asia has on the air quality in the Pacific Northwest and what he and his research team are doing to analyze and monitor the pollution. Dr. Jaffe is a professor and chair of the Physcial Sciences Division at UWB. To learn more about Professor Jaffe click here to visit his webpage. To view the full 19-minute video, click her 




How Can Technology Enhance the Teaching and Learning of Mathematics?

Dr. Angotti talks about her research on emerging technologies in math education, including developing students' conceptual understandings of mathematics and preparing educators to teach in ways that promote and support the development of conceptual understanding. Dr. Angotti is an associate professor in the School of STEM Engineering and Mathematics Division. To learn more about Dr. Angotti, click here. To view the full 13-minute video, click here.




Functions of Nonvascular Plants in Alpine Ecosystems

Dr. Warren Gold, IAS associate professor and director of UW Restoration Ecology Network, discusses his lab and field research on nonvascular plants that coat the surface of the soil and play vital roles in the Alpine ecosystems of the North Central Washington Cascades. To learn more about Professor Gold, click here. To watch the full 21-minute video, click here.




Research in Public Scholarship and Social Justice Issues

Bruce Kochis, a senior lecturer on human rights, discusses the ever-changing field of public scholarship and how communities act and react toward social justice issues. To learn more about Professor Kochis, click here. To watch the full 20-minute video, click here.



Sexual Health Justice and Equality 

Dr. Lerum is an IAS associate professor focusing her research on projects concerning sexual health, justice and equality. In this video she discusses her book, research and teaching philosophies. To learn more about Professor Lerum, click here. To watch the full 14-minute video, click here.