Intramural Activities

Each quarter, Recreation and Wellness offers sports leages open to all students such as: Soccer, Flag Football, Basketball and more! Interested in signing up? Click here and see what we are offering this quarter!

Upcoming Tournaments

In addition to all of our sports leagues, we offer unique tournament experiences for students! This quarter we will be having:

  • Basketball Tournament: Sunday nights 04/17-05/31
  • Super Smash Brothers Tournament: 04/19/2016
  • 6v6 Volleyball Tournament: Thursdays starting 05/05-05/26

For more information about these tournaments and how to sign up, please go to

The focus Intramural Activities at the University of Washington Bothell is to provide an environment where students, faculty and staff have the opportunity to gather and participate in various sport and leisure activities regardless of skill level and ability. Intramural Activities are comprised of traditional team sports with leagues and playoffs, as well as leisure activities and tournaments. The program is open to any currently enrolled student at UWB for no additional fee. Cascadia College students/faculty/staff and University of Washington Bothell faculty/staff are permitted to participate after paying a quarterly Rec Pass fee to the UWB Cashier's Office in Husky Hall.