About Us

Our Mission

Supporting the Division of Student Affairs, the Department of Recreation and Wellness is committed to making a positive difference in the well-being of the UW Bothell community by promoting healthy, active and sustainable lifestyle choices.


Recreation and Wellness will meet the diverse needs and interests of the UW Bothell community by providing programs and facilities that are current, inclusive and exceptional in quality. By creating opportunities that educate about good health, Recreation and Wellness will inspire individuals to pursue an enhanced quality of life.



We help build community by connecting students who participate in our programs, as well as collaborating with campus constituents.


We are committed to educating and inspiring individuals to develop life-long patterns of positive behavior, regardless of ability or experience.

Risk Management

We provide guidance and encourage students to develop skills to prevent health risks.


We encourage students to exhibit and develop character through mutual respect, effective communication and spirit of the game.  


We seek to develop sustainable practices for our facilities and programs and promote healthy maintainable life-style choices.


We foster an environment in which it is fun to participate, learn and grow.

Wellness/Health Promotion

We educate and encourage overall wellbeing for our students, focusing on physical, intellectual, spiritual, sexual and social health.