Quantitative Skills Center

Online Tutoring

Tutoring Motto:

To assist students with understanding quantitative concepts through a peer tutoring model utilizing questions and discussion, with the goal of students enhancing their independent learning processes and increasing their confidence in quantitative material.

Online Tutoring in the QSC is no longer available!

To work with a tutor online during our normal tutoring hours (see the current QSC schedule), you will need to call the QSC (425-352-3170) to let us know you would like to meet a tutor in a "virtual classroom".

Getting started with online tutoring: 
(note: if you have a Mac, you will need OSX to use this feature in Blackboard)

  • Open a web-browser.  We recommend Mozilla Firefox, it seems to work better with BlackBoard.
  • Go to the 'Courses' tab (in the top left of your screen) and type "QSC-Online" in the 'Course Search' box.
  • "QSC-Online (UWB_QSC-Online)" with "Instructor: Erin Hill" should be displayed--click on 'Enroll', then 'Submit', and 'Ok'. You should now be rerouted to the course page and you should see the welcome message.
  • In the future, you will see "QSC-Online" in your "My Courses" list.
  • Further instructions on how to use the chat/whiteboard. You may want to print these instructions for reference.

Please send us feedback (online anonymous comments or uwbqsc@uw.edu) to let us know what's working and what we can improve. Thanks!