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Quantitative Skills Center


Tutoring Mission

To assist students with understanding quantitative concepts through a peer tutoring model utilizing questions and discussion, with the goal of students enhancing their independent learning processes and increasing their confidence in quantitative material.

Tutoring Info

Assistance is available with:

  • Math, Statistics, Business, Science, Electrical Engineering, Computing and Software Systems, graphs, and any other related quantitative subject
  • Microsoft Excel, Matlab, SPSS, Access, calculators, or similar mathematical technology
  • Test preparation
  • Math and test anxiety

*Our apologies, but due to technical difficulties, we are not able to support Online Tutoring at this time.  Please come visit us in UW2-030 for Drop-In Tutoring!*

Not a UWB student?

See information about:

Our tutors specialize in courses offered at UW Bothell. If you have questions pertaining to a math course (or other courses containing math or quantitative issues) not offered at UW Bothell please feel free to call 425-352-3170 or e-mail qsc@uwb.edu to check if any of our tutors have experience with the course you need help with.