Spring 2017 Hours

Until Thursday, June 8, 2017 our hours are:
Monday-Thursday 9am-8pm
Friday 10am-4pm
Sunday 12pm-4pm.*
The QSC is closed on Saturdays.

*The QSC will be closed both Sunday and Monday of Memorial Weekend, May 28 and 29.

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Tutor Time Schedule

QSC Tutor Schedule Spring Quarter 2017
Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat Sunday
9am Jacob Baoming  Baoming  David      
  Meerit David Meerit Meerit      
  Nat Meerit          
10am Jacob Anna Baoming  Anna Alex    
  Katie David Jacob Baoming Jeremy    
  Meerit (to 10:30) Baoming Katie David Ryan_M    
  Nat Meerit Meerit Meerit      
11am Alex Anna Baoming  Baoming  Alex    
  Ben Baoming Cook Anna Jason    
  Cook David Derek David Jeremy    
  Jacob Holly Jacob Meerit Ryan_M    
  Katie Meerit Jessica Ryan_M      
  Meerit (at 11:30) Ryan_M Katie        
12pm Alex Baoming  Baoming  Baoming  Alex   Jacob
  Ben Anna Derek David Jason   Josh
  Cook Holly Cook Anna Jeremy   Ryan_M
  Jacob David Jessica Jessica Katie (at 12:30)    
  John Jessica Jacob Meerit Ryan_M (to 12:30)    
  Katie Meerit Ryan_M Ryan_M      
  Meerit Ryan_M Katie Nat      
1pm Alex Derek (at 1:15) Cook Alex Alex   Jasob
  Ben Holly Derek Amber Jason   Josh
  Cook Jason Ethan (at 1:15) Jason Katie   Ryan_M
  Ethan (at 1:15) Jessica Jessica Jessica Shayan    
  John Kanishk Katie Nat      
  Katie Nat Ryan_M Polina      
2pm Alex Derek Cook Alex Alex   Jacob
  Baoming Holly Derek Amber Jason   Josh
  Ben Jason Ethan Jason Katie   Ryan_M
  Cook Jessica Jessica Jessica Shayan    
  Ethan Kanishk Ryan_M Nat      
  John Nat Ben Polina      
3pm Alex Derek Ben Alex Alex   Jacob
  Baoming Holly Cook Amber Jason   Josh
  Ben Jason Ethan (to 3:30) Jason Katie   Ryan_M
  Ethan Kanishk Ryan_M Nat Shayan    
  John Nat Ryan_P Polina      
  Ryan_P Meerit          
4pm Alex Cook Ben Alex      
  Baoming Derek Nat Jason      
  Ben Jason Ryan_M Polina      
  Ethan Jeremy Ryan_P Ryan_M      
  Ryan_P Meerit Sean Sean      
  Sean Sean          
5pm Alex Cook Ben Alex      
  Ben Jeremy Jacob Jason      
  Jacob Katie Nat Polina      
  Ryan_P Meerit Ryan_P Ryan_M      
  Sean Sean Sean Sean      
6pm Ben Cook Ben Alex      
  Jacob Jeremy Jacob Ethan      
  Ryan_P Katie Ryan_P Ryan_M      
  Sean     Sean      
7pm Jacob Cook Jacob Alex      
  Ryan_P Katie Ryan_P Ethan      
  Sean   Sean Sean      

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CSS Windows* and Linux* Lab Tutor Schedule - Spring 2017
Hour Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
11am Polina Josh Kanishk Josh
12pm Polina Josh Kanishk Josh
1pm Kanishk Josh Jeremy Jeremy
  Polina Polina Kanishk Josh
    Shayan Polina  
2pm Kanishk Josh Jeremy Jeremy
  Polina Polina Polina Josh
3pm Kanishk Polina (to 3:30) Jeremy Jeremy
    Shayan   Josh (to 3:30)
4pm Kanishk Shayan Jeremy Jeremy
5pm John Kanishk John Kanishk
6pm John Kanishk John Kanishk
7pm John Kanishk John Kanishk

CSS-specific tutors work in the CSS Windows Lab (UW1-320) and Linux Lab (UW1-310) during the regular academic year. They each also work at least one shift in the QSC (see schedule above).

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