Quantitative Skills Center

Equipment Check-Out

Need a calculator for a day? Want to look up a formula or get an alternate explanation on a concept? Having trouble visualizing the structure of a molecule? The QSC can help with that! We have calculators, textbooks and other equipment available for UWB students to check out.  The picture below shows our most popular items.  You can also see a full-size version of the poster here.Picture of Noise Canceling Headphones, Calculators, Textbooks, Molecular Model Kit, Compasses, Whiteboards, and Rulers


How to check out equipment

Students must present current UWB ID and sign an "Appropriate Use Statement," assuming responsibility for replacing the item if it is not returned.  Failure to return QSC equipment will result in a hold being placed on the student account connected to the ID presented at time of checkout.  To see the full check-out policy, see below.

QSC Equipment Checkout Appropriate Use Statement

"I assume all financial responsibility for equipment checked out to me in the event of loss, theft, or damage by negligence.  I will not loan the equipment to another person. I will return all equipment in good condition and I will report any and all damage upon return of equipment. I will return all equipment at the date and time stated at the back of this sheet. I understand that the QSC will attempt to notify me when the equipment checked out to me is overdue, but that ultimately it is my responsibility to return it on time. 

I understand that failure to return the equipment checked out to me in accordance with this agreement will result in a hold being placed on my student account that will prevent me from registering or completing graduation.  In order to lift the hold, I must return the equipment or replace it with a comparable item of equal or greater utility to the QSC, new and in sealed packaging, with proof of original purchase. The QSC will not accept used equipment in place of their own."  

Note: Equipment will not be checked in without all included extraneous pieces. 
For example, headphones will not be checked in without the case.