Tutor Position

Want To Be A Tutor?

Quantitative Skills Center tutors help students, faculty and staff with any aspect of the quantitative process, which includes:

  • help with the concepts related to a homework assignment
  • discussion of appropriate quantitative/problem solving techniques for any given task or assignment
  • support the use of quantitative software such as Excel, SPSS, MATLAB, etc...
  • assist in understanding and organization of data
  • explain mathematical concepts, theories and formulas
  • provide learning strategies and study skills
  • help with interpreting or creating graphs or charts, plus any other quantitative related questions or assignments

Also, QSC tutors are required to attend all staff meetings and trainings to discuss techniques and improve skills.

Light clerical or educational outreach tasks may also be assigned to tutors when time permits. These tasks include:

  • answering routine questions
  • responding to students, faculty or staff inquiring about QSC services and workshops
  • making class visits to advertise the QSC
  • other QSC related duties

If you have an afinity for numbers and a passion for helping people, this could be the job for you!

Please download the Tutor Application, fill it out (either electronically or by hand), and return it, along with the other materials described therein, IN PERSON to:

Amber Parsons, Manager
Office: UW2-030A
Phone: 425-352-5417
E-mail: parsonsa@uw.edu