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University of Washington Bothell

Quantitative Skills Center

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Contact Info and Hours

Contact Info

Location: UW2-030 between Common Grounds Café and Discovery Hall
Phone: (425) 352-3170
Email: qsc@uwb.edu

Hours (Sept. 24th - Dec. 11th)

Mon - Thurs
9am - 8pm
10am - 4pm
Noon - 4pm

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Mission and Services


The QSC offers free, drop-in tutoring for classes that contain numbers. We aim to assist you with understanding quantitative concepts through a peer tutoring model utilizing questions and discussion, with the goal of enhancing your independent learning processes and increasing your confidence in quantitative material.

Faculty and Staff

As part of the Teaching and Learning Center (TLC), the QSC helps to foster learning in the UW Bothell community by supporting learner-educators (faculty, staff, and students) in the enrichment of pedagogical knowledge, skills, and practice related to quantitative reasoning. Visit our faculty and staff pages to see how the QSC can help you!

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