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A Guide to Your First Year at UW Bothell

Week 1 - Organize

Week 1 organize

spring holly


  • March 28 – First day of classes
  • April 3 - Last day to add/drop/change your schedule through MyUW (without a fee)
  • April 11-April 15-- Last day to add/drop/change your schedule ($20 fee)
  • April 15 – Tuition is due for all registered students

Welcome to Spring Quarter!

Let’s get organized!

Just like the previous quarters, we need to make a plan to stay organized in the coming weeks.

Refresh your memory with our guide to staying organized and make sure you have all required textbooks.

Consider how you will organize your class notes and materials. If you need assistance with this, make an appointment to see your advisor and they can help you find a strategy that works best for you.

Let’s review some of the activities and resources available to you.

Contact Financial Aid for information on tuition assistance, scholarships and loans.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call the FYPMP office and one of our Student Assistants would be more than glad to help you out. Our phone number is 425-352-3427. We are located in UW1-160 (It is not a room, but an open space).

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