Mike Irons, '13

Mike IronsMike Irons has served 20 years with Snohomish County Superior Court and currently serves as the Juvenile Court Programs Manager, responsible for 45 direct and indirect reporting employees (Probation Counselors, Community Corrections Officers, and support staff).  He is responsible for budget, reporting and development of multiple county, state and federal grant funded programs.  Prior positions with the court include: Juvenile Corrections Officer, Youth Work Supervisor, Juvenile Probation Counselor and Probation Supervisor.  Mike has a BA in Law & Justice from Central Washington University (1998) and earned an MA in Policy Studies from University of Washington Bothell (2013). 

Mike Irons’ reason for pursuing a master’s was part personal, part professional. On a personal level, his daughter was leaving for college, creating an opening in Mike’s life.  Professionally, he derived great satisfaction from his work but had reached a point where advancement required further education.  Mike had spent his entire career in the juvenile justice system as a probation counselor and staff supervisor, and he wanted to better serve youth and families in Snohomish County.

These two dynamics led Mike to graduate school.  A lifelong learner drawn to challenges, advanced education promised a theoretical base and increased ability to affect social change.  Because evidence-based programming was the norm in his field, Mike desired greater understanding of data and policy. The Policy Studies program gave him a solid foundation in research and analysis which complemented his direct service background, making him a more effective leader.

Contact Mike at iasalum@uw.edu.