Kristopher Dane, '12

Kristopher DaneKristopher Dane is a UW Bothell Policy Studies alumnus from the class of 2012. During his graduate studies, Kris also earned a Graduate Certificate in Information Security and Risk Management from the UW Center for Information Assurance and Cybersecurity.

Kris’ research interests are centered on what Professor Nils Gilman of UC Berkeley calls, “deviant globalization” which ranges from the familiar illicit industries such as the drug trade and human trafficking to the lesser known industries such as the trade in human organs, maritime piracy, counterfeit drugs, and of particular concern for Kris, computer malware and the trade in personal information. During his tenure at Policy Studies, Kris researched human trafficking, private provision of prison services to states, defense against malware, and his capstone consisted of original research into the stock price impact of corporate data breaches. His research was published in the May 2016 edition of the Information Systems Security Association Journal.

Kris is presently working as an Associate at the international engineering firm Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. and is currently a Doctor of Engineering Candidate at George Washington University. He previously spent nine years as a Technical Program Manager before joining Thornton Tomasetti, where he brings his analytical, programming, and modeling skills to serve their Structural and Protective Design Practices. Kris is always looking for opportunities to merge his public policy interests with his technological skills to make the world a better place.

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