Capstone Guide

Conference Presentation

A formal presentation at the Graduate Research Conference is one of the degree completion requirements. The purpose of the conference is to provide the opportunity to present Capstone findings close to the time of program completion and receive feedback from faculty, professionals, other graduate students, and the community.

Your presentation should include the problem to be addressed, hypothesis, need for study, review of the literature, research design, findings, and implications for policy and/or further study.

The presentations will be arranged in a conference-style panel format. Panels will be organized by topic, research method and/or advisor. Each panel is scheduled for an hour and a half and will typically have three or four panelists. Each presenter will be introduced by a faculty moderator and will have approximately 15 – 20 minutes to present. The moderator may pose questions following the presentations and facilitate questions from the audience.

The Graduate Research Conference takes place in May and is generally scheduled on a Friday between 9 and 5.

Visit the Graduate Research Conference page.