Master of Arts in Policy Studies

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Our Policy Studies alumni work in a variety of sectors and policy arenas.          

Hannah Baweja, '08

Environmental Planner

"The Policy Studies program prepared me to tackle dynamic, interdisciplinary policy problems, and the analysis skills I acquired have enriched my career in environmental policy.  My current work on a  large-scale, complex transportation project requires interaction with a diverse, group of stakeholders.  Being able to analyze legislation, agency reports, and environmental regulations has made me a more effective planner."

Mark Hammond, '05

Social and Health Program Manager
WA State Department of Social and Health Services

"The Policy Studies program helped me to develop the analytic tools, and language, to consider multiple perspectives in the policy process. I learned that there are no easy policy decisions; if you find one, you're probably forgetting some important trade-offs. This is a great program for anyone wanting to develop rigorous research and analysis skills to engage in complex social problem solving."

Mollie Hughes, '03

Chief Executive Officer
Break Through Learning Center

"My Policy Studies education compelled me to influence court officials and social service advocates in the need for a parent curriculum which is framed in human rights theory, and to hold parent educators to higher standards. My skills are invaluable as I start a research project with a former Policy Studies student that will measure the quality and quantity of contact that parents in our program have with courts and social service systems before, during and after their participation in the 10-month extended parent education program."

Jeff Ketchel, '08

Grant County Health District

"I was at my mid-career moment, and I wanted a graduate program that would give me the tools I needed for the second half of my professional life. As a working adult I needed accessibility, and as a professional I needed the gravity of a serious program. The curriculum not only met these criteria, but was extremely relevant to my job in local government."

Mary Martin, '03

Grant Writer

"I really value the education and preparation that the Policy Studies program program has equipped me with. I knew that I wanted to make a real difference in the lives of people in my community who really need it. My courses, faculty, and fellow students at the University of Washington's Policy Studies program have helped me become the agent of positive change that I dreamed of being."

Dean Olsen, '05

Social Science Analyst,
Assigned to the Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs
U.S. Department of State

"The memo writing that Professor Dolsak required is an essential skill to know. The most important ability of the Analyst is to absorb vast amounts of information, and then convey the most relevant points in no more than a one-page document. The Policy Studies degree was exactly the course of study the government desires to fill its current vacancies."

Candria Rauser, '03

Unemployment Insurance Legislative and Policy Research Analyst, UI Division
WA State Department of Employment Security

"Since Graduating from the Policy Studies program, I have had the opportunity to put many of the concepts and analytical tools to work. I have also had the opportunity to use valuable facilitation and presentation skills that were strengthened in the program."

Andi Smith, '05

Senior Policy Advisor
Governor Jay Inslee's Executive Policy Office

"The neat thing about the UW Bothell campus is that it is still a relatively small, tight knit community, and you can make connections that take you places.  This experience steered me into higher education policy, which is where I am now.  It was a direct link to my career path."

Will Smith, '04

IT Business Analyst
Global Wireless by TMobile

"The Policy Studies curriculum drastically improved my analytic capabilities by introducing me to a wealth of tools and disciplines, particularly the application of statistical analyses to policy problems and thorough documentation of observations, results of tests, and the making of recommendations."

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