About Us


The Master of Arts in Policy Studies provides a transformative graduate experience enabling students to translate interdisciplinary understandings into the professional competence essential to making substantive contributions to their policy communities. The curriculum blends a strong theoretical base with applied experiences, allowing students to develop rigorous policy research, analysis, and management skills. Students and graduates use these skills to influence public policies and their outcomes through government institutions, non-profit and non-governmental organizations, as well as for-profit entities.


  • To make connections across academic disciplines examining public policy, management, public administration, and public engagement
  • To develop analytical and synthetic thinking skills through training in quantitative and qualitative methodologies
  • To build expertise in policy issues, processes, instruments, and institutions
  • To apply this knowledge in independent applied and/or theoretical research and develop policy solutions in a competent, critical, and ethical manner
  • To develop collaborative leadership skills and establish professional networks
  • To prepare students for policy careers and further graduate education