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Policies & Procedures

Transfer Credit Reallocation FAQ's

You should contact your adviser as soon as possible to discuss the options that are available to you. These options may include the approval to use more than 90 lower division credits (up to the 135 credit maximum allowed) or to petition to exceed the maximum 135 transfer credit limit. Advising and the UWB Registrar's Office will work together to provide you with the information you need.

Yes, if you were granted approval to allow more than 90 lower-division transfer credits toward your degree, you will still be allowed to do so. Some manual adjustment of transcripts will be necessary following this conversion. If your record does not reflect this approval by January 26, 2007, please contact UWB Registrar's Office,  uwbregistrar@uwb.edu

Financial Aid eligibility will be affected for very few students. If the credit total change could cause a change in your eligibility, the Financial Aid Office will contact you directly.

You may have had lower-division credits from a four-year institution that are now correctly counted as such, but they exceeded the 90 credit limit. Another possibility is that your total transfer credits exceeded l35, the maximum transfer credit allowed. If neither of these seem to apply to you, we would need to review your record in order to answer more specific questions.

The most common reason is that you had upper division credits from a two-year school that were previously subjected to the 90 credit limit. If this does not seem to apply to you, we would need to review your record in order to answer more specific questions.

If you think there is an error in the new calculation of your transfer credits, please contact an Admission Specialist in the Admissions Office, admissions@uwb.edu or call 425-352-5300.