A major in physics is a strategic imperative to introduce fundamental laws and model building techniques, to awaken students to the power of physics, and to support student base knowledge in mathematics and engineering and other fields. 
The BS in physics has four possible concentrations (non-transcripted): general physics, astrophysics, condensed matter and biophysics. The BA in physics may be appropriate for those interested in teaching high school physics.
Physics majors will also have the choice of obtaining a minor in Teaching and Learning from the UW Bothell School of Educational Studies. Physics majors may also take advantage of an existing math endorsement and those completing the biophysics concentration can take advantage of an existing general science endorsement curriculum in the School of STEM. 
The sequence of physics courses will enable students to further understand not only advanced physics, astronomy, cosmology, biophysics and condensed matter physics, but also to participate in the practice of a variety of sciences vital to the regional economy, including physics, biology, engineering, chemistry, biomedical sciences and social sciences.