Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

The BS degree will offer students a curriculum that includes all of the key elements in chemistry and is consistent with the recommendations of the American Chemical Society (ACS). The degree can include a specialization in environmental chemistry, materials chemistry or biochemistry. These topics fit well with the UWB interdisciplinary mission and other teaching and research emphases on campus. As part of the BS degree, students may also choose a biochemistry option, which would appear on the students’ transcripts.

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry

The BA in Chemistry degree will allow students to get a focused STEM degree that includes a career track aimed at STEM education. UWB STEM graduates will be noted not only for their expertise in their chosen STEM field, but also for their understanding of the application of chemistry courses to disciplines other than their own.

Climate Degree

Climate Science and Policy (B.S.)

UW Bothell is the first institution in the country to offer an undergraduate major (B.S) in Climate Science and Policy. The major is a true interdisciplinary curriculum providing students fundamental knowledge in math, chemistry, physics, policy and economics, along with detailed understanding of the scientific and societal issues important to the earth’s climate system.



The BA and BS degrees in physics creates opportunities for students to acquire fundamental knowledge that positions them to be leaders in science, technology and engineering. The BS in physics has four possible concentrations: general physics, astrophysics, condensed matter and biophysics. The BA in Physics is geared towards those who may be interested teaching high school physics. We also offer a minor in physics.


Minor in Physics

The physics minor at UW Bothell gives students a strong background in the quantitative analysis of nature and is a natural extension to many of the current and upcoming majors on campus, to include Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, Chemistry, and others. A physics minor will strengthen your fundamental knowledge and give you a leg up as you pursue future career opportunities!