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The 2016-2017 Orientation Leader Application

Do you enjoy helping others?
Do you believe in hard work?
Are you passionate about the University of Washington Bothell?

Position Description

How to Apply 

  • Apply online at
  • We strongly recommend candidates review the application questions and draft their answers before beginning the online application. 
  • Application is Due January 24th, 2016, NO LATER than 11:59pm

Application Questions

  1. What attracted you to the Orientation Leader position? What do you hope to gain from your experience?
  2. What skills, qualities or past experiences do you have that would help you to be an Orientation Leader?
  3. As an Orientation Leader, you will be responsible for creating a welcoming environment for an incredibly diverse group of new students. How would you go about ensuring that all students feel welcomed?
  4. As an Orientation Leader, you will be a resource to your students. Orientation Leaders will often communicate with their students via email. Please choose 1 (one) of the prompts below to answer.
    a. During the first month of school a student reaches out to you via email for advice because they are have a hard time making friends on campus. Draft an email that you would send to this student.
    b. Orientation Leaders will often send information out to their students proactively, to give students information before they even know they have a question. Create an email that you would send to your group of new students in early fall quarter about the academic resources available on campus.

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