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Summer & Autumn 2014 Advising & Orientation

Autumn quarter will begin September 24th, 2014.  All incoming freshmen and transfer students are required to attend an orientation program before they can register for classes.  Orientation programs take place over the summer beginning in June and running through September.  There will be multiple dates to choose from.  

You must register and be confirmed to attend orientation. Click the Register Now on the right side to start.

Transfer Dates:  Dates are based on your academic department and are listed when you "Register Now" using the link to the right.

Steps to register for a session:

1)  Complete and return the the following items to the University of Washington in the envelopes provided in your admissions packet:

  • The Enrollment confirmation Form, including the $100 Admissions Deposit.  In addition, you will be billed another mandatory, one time $250 New Student Enrollment and Orientation Fee that will be payable with your first quarter tuition.  This fee pays for services you will receive as a new student at the University of Washington and is not refundable or transferable. 
  • Measles Immunity Verification Form. You must submit this form to the Office of the Registrar two week prior to your Advising and Orientation session.  If it is not received, you will not be able to register for classes. You do not need to submit your verification form to register for orientation.

2)  Check the status of your Admissions deposit on MyUW.  It may take up to two weeks to process this payment once you mail it in.  You will need to create a UWNetID in order to use MyUW. 

3)  Once your Admissions Deposit has been processed, you will be able to register for your session on-line beginning April 1st for Freshmen and May 1st for Transfer Students.

Information for Freshmen

Throughout Spring Quarter, you will receive emails and phone calls from your Orientation Leaders.  You are encouraged to get to know your Orientation Leader, as they will be with you this summer and throughout fall quarter.  Beginning in June they will be organizing events and trips that you should participate in on order to get to know your classmates and the faculty/staff better.  These events will also take place throughout your first quarter.  In addition, reserve September 23rd for your Convocation and Welcome Week events.  You will hear more about these events at your summer Orientation session and through your Orientation Leader.

Math placement:  Most freshmen that want to take math at UW Bothell will need to take a math placement test.  Students do not need a placement test if they have AP math credit or math credit from another college.  You will want to take your math test prior to your Orientation.  You may register to take the placement tests around the state or take the placement test at the Bothell campus.  For a list of testing dates at UW Bothell, please see the Testing Website







































































Fell free to register for the state placement locations here: 

2013 Math Placement Statewide Sessions

Information for Transfer Students

You must attend an Orientation before you can register for classes.  At these summer sessions, you will also be able to meet with an adviser to learn more about your program requirements.  In addition to these summer programs, there will be events in September that you are encouraged to take part in to meet your classmates.  You will receive more information about these events by email and at your summer Orientation sessions .  You should also reserve September 20th for your Convocation and Welcome Day Events.  You will learn more information about these programs at your orientation as well. 

Autumn Quarter Advising and Orientation

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Transfers - Available
May 1st, 2014