Olivia Martin

Hello all! My name is Olivia Martin and I am currently a sophomore here at UW Bothell; I’m working toward a major in Environmental Studies. I am from Edmonds, Washington and commute to UWB daily! I like to spend my free time drawing and painting, writing, singing, baking, and doing a lot of yoga. I am very health oriented as well, which sometimes clashes with my passion for baking! Entering UWB as a freshman I was able to attend Husky Leadership Camp; this inspired me to become involved in some of the many leadership roles on campus, and has allowed me to discover how much I appreciate working with people. Additionally it has led me to discover a more confident and friendly version of myself which I was previously unaware of! UW Bothell has provided me with the type of environment I needed to discover my strengths and take charge of my education, and I was even able to take a class about chocolate! Ultimately I would like to obtain an occupation that relates to wildlife science and management (and somehow own a bakery and get my yoga instructor certification!).