Operating Philosophy

Since 1988, a preventive perspective has been emphasized for carrying out role responsibilities of the Ombudsman. This orientation promotes education, early intervention, and reduction of negative consequences for managing and resolving conflict. When needed, follow-through and referral assistance are provided.

Education occurs on an individual, small group and campus-wide basis. Once a request fo services is received, the Ombudsman works with each client to identify relevant and appropriate alternatives that address the current concern(s). Long-term follow through and referral services are provided as needed.

All participants in this problem-solving process contribute to the develpment of a plan. Its purpose is to prevent the reoccurrence of the same conflict or the occurrence of retaliation. It is also designed to prevent other negative consequences for all clients and the University. This set of activities occurs as an integral part of our efforts to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution of the current conflict or concern.

Office of the Ombudsman, June 1994;
revised November 2006