Nursing and Health Studies Program

Nursing Program Graduation Requirements

Overall Requirements 

  • 180 or more total credits
  • 90 credits must be upper division (300 or 400 level)
  • Completion of 45 credits at UW Bothell
  • Overall grade-point average of 2.0 of higher
  • Completion of all admission and major requirements

Nursing Program Structure

Transfer Credits from Lower Division Course work (maximum allowed) 90
NCLEX-RN and WA license credit 45
UW Bothell Nursing Core class credits 30
UW Bothell non-Nursing (non-B NURS) elective credits 15
Totals 180

Applying to Graduate

You must make an appointment with your BSN Advisor to review your file and together you will fill out an Application for Bachelor's Degree.  When signed by all parties, this application becomes a contract between you and the Graduation Office.  You certify that you will complete all outstanding work by the graduation date chosen or that you will notify them of any changes.  Graduation applications are effective for one year.  [NOTE:  It is the student's responsibility to assure that no remaining required credits/courses are missed; use your copy of the graduation application as a checklist to track your progress.]


In order to assure timely completion of degrees, the University has implemented a policy that allows graduating seniors to register early for their final two quarters.  This GSP privilege can be extremely valuable if a student needs a course that is much in demand in order to graduate on time.  In order to exercise this privilege, a Graduation Application must have been on file for at least one quarter prior to the start of the registration period.


There is only one commencement ceremony each year, in June, although students who will be finishing the following August are allowed to participate.  Students graduating from all the Bothell programs participate in this ceremony.   You will receive an official degree diploma by mail approximately 3-4 months after your graduation.

Honors at Graduation:  To be eligible for Baccalaureate Honors, a student must have taken a minimum of 90 credits matriculated or in residence at UW and at least 60 credits must be graded.  The University Honors Committee decides the cumulative grade point requirements for the three baccalaureate honors each spring quarter for the following academic year; therefore the numbers change minutely every year.  For classes graduating Autumn 2007 through Summer 2008, the required GPAs were:

            cum laude                   3.91

            magna cum laude         3.97

            summa cum laude        3.99

UWB students, especially Nursing students, rarely accumulate enough residence credits to be eligible for Baccalaureate Honors.  Therefore, to honor our students' academic dedication, the designation of Faculty Honors is awarded to Nursing students who attain a GPA that places them in the top tier of their program and who complete a minimum of 45 graded credits in residence at UWB.  Faculty Honors will be awarded to the top 10% of each program's graduates. 

Since final grades are not posted until after the graduation ceremony, designations in the Commencement Bulletin for both Baccalaureate and Faculty Honors are based on the winter quarter GPA.  Honors designations posted to the final transcript, however, will be based on all UW grades.


Nursing pins can be ordered through the Nursing Program Office once a year.  Because of the extremely high workload experienced by the company in preparation for spring graduations all over the region, pin orders must be placed in early January.  Nursing pins cannot be ordered until you have filed your application for graduation; they cannot be given out until the quarter that you graduate.  Watch your email for further information regarding order deadlines

Did You Know?

Bjong "Wolf" Yeigh became UW Bothell's third chancellor on Sept. 3, 2013.