Nursing and Health Studies Program

Course Details: Partnerships in Community Health

Your Fieldwork Course Description

BNURS 409  Partnerships in Community Health (5)
Examine theories, concepts, and practices related to community health care, health promotion, disease prevention, public health, and social justice.  Explore socio-cultural, epidemiological, economic, and political issues influencing local, national, and global health and health care delivery.

Checking Your Compliance Status

You will be able to register for B NURS 409 during the normal time you would register for classes.   Be sure you have met all Compliance requirements prior to Registration time during the quarter you are planning to take the class.

Registration Logistics

Close to the quarter that 409 will be offered for your cohort, your academic advisor will provide you with information regarding the specific fieldwork opportunities you will have at different sites. Then you sign up for the section you would most prefer during the normal registration process.

Did You Know?

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