Nursing and Health Studies Program

Student Communication Responsibilities

Student Responsibilities

It is the responsibility of all Nursing students while in the BSN program to keep open all lines of communication, so all staff and faculty in Nursing or other UW Bothell and University departments may be able to reach you at any time through a variety of communication mediums.
  Specific responsibilities are posted below.


All UW departments, including Nursing, all UW Faculty, staff and other students will use your official UW e-mail address (which is to communicate class information, registration information and much more. Therefore, we require you to set your UW Email forwarding to an email account that you will check daily.  You most likely did this at the time you applied to our program, but to check your email forwarding settings and update them at any time as needed, please go to manage your UW NetID resources and click on Email Forwarding on the side menu.


Any physical mail for Everett cohort students will be brought up to the Everett campus by the Everett cohort academic advisor.  Generally speaking, the only mail brought to campus will be papers from classes from the previous quarter, but there may be other things delivered too. 

Address/Phone/Name Changes

It is essential that we have your current address, email address,  and telephone number in order to communicate with you. You have an opportunity to update your address information every quarter when you register, but if you have updates to make after that, please change your address using the MyUW Web site. Your address information is confidential and will not be divulged without your permission.

It is important that your legal name appear on all your official student records.  The name on your official records (transcripts, diplomas, etc.) may not be changed until such time as the name change is legally documented.  To change your name, you must fill out a Change of Name form available at the UW Bothell Registration office (UW1-160) and submit it with appropriate documentation.  the Everett cohort academic advisor can bring you a copy of this form.

Email Lists for Nursing Students

All Nursing students are subscribed to a class email list. This email list will provide you with upcoming deadlines, quarterly registration information, special events, general announcements, graduation information, and more.  Please be sure to read these emails.