Nursing and Health Studies Program

Where to Become an RN in Washington State

Where to Earn Your Initial Nursing Degree to Prepare for Admission to the UW Bothell Nursing Program

The undergraduate nursing program at UW Bothell is a BSN completion program for students who have earned a 2-year Nursing degree and their RN license.  Prospective UW Bothell Nursing students can complete their ADN Students examining a spine(Associate Degree in Nursing) and be qualified to take their RN licensing exam through one of the following Community Colleges in Washington State:

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I am enrolled in a Pre-Nursing transfer degree program at my community college.  Can I apply to UW Bothell Nursing when  I graduate?

    Students enrolled in Pre-Nursing transfer degree programs at community colleges on this list, or at other schools such as Cascadia Community College or Edmonds Community College, sometimes think they are ready to apply to UW Bothell Nursing.  But what this degree pathway is actually preparing you for is to enter into an initial Nursing degree program either at one of the Community Colleges listed above, or a 4-year initial Nursing degree program such as the one at UW Seattle.  A chart showing possible BSN degree pathways is available here.

  2. I really want to come to UW Bothell as a Freshman.  Can I do this and still become a nursing major?

    Unfortunately no. UW Bothell offers neither an initial Nursing degree program nor the vast majority of required courses needed to be admitted to an initial nursing degree program, so if you already know that you want to become a nurse, coming to UW Bothell as a Freshman is not recommended.  Of course, current UW Bothell students will sometimes decide only after they arrive at UW Bothell that they want to become nurses.  If this occurs, your undergraduate pre-major advisor or an academic advisor in Nursing will be happy to work with you to facilitate your transfer out to a local community college to become a nurse, and facilitate your return to UW Bothell to complete your BSN in our Nursing program.  A chart showing possible BSN degree pathways is available here.

Planning Your Transfer to UW Bothell

While at their Community College, future UW Bothell students should also make sure that they complete all admission requirements for admission to our RN-to-BSN Program.  Please make an appointment to speak to a UW Bothell Admissions Advisor to discuss your educational plan, so you are sure you are completing everything necessary for admission to the UW Bothell Nursing Program before you transfer here.  Choose from in-person, online chat, phone, or email advising.  Please contact the Office of Admissions at 425-352-5000 or to set up you appointment.