Nursing and Health Studies Program

Everett Curriculum and Class Schedules

Program Curriculum

45 Credits earned through UW Bothell are required for the BSN degree.  The degree program consists of 30 credits of core Nursing classes and 15 credits of required non-Nursing electives.  All classes are brought to the Everett campus, though students may also take electives at the Bothell campus, or at the Mount Vernon campus when space in their electives are available.

Required Nursing Core Classes

B NURS 350 Critical Thinking in Nursing
B NURS 403 Evidence Based Practice and Nursing Inquiry
B NURS 407 Cultural and Social Issues in Health Care
B NURS 409 Partnerships in Community Health
B NURS 410 Legal & Ethical Issues in Clinical Practice
B NURS 430 Relational Leadership in Nursing 
B NURS 495 Senior Portfolio

Required non-Nursing Electives

15 upper-division credits earned through UW Bothell are required.  More details about applicable classes are available on the electives page.  Electives may be taken any quarter the student chooses; scheduling of electives below only reflects the quarters these electives are brought to the Everett campus.

Class Day

All classes brought to the Everett campus are taught on Tuesdays only.

Everett Campus Class Schedule

Autumn-1 Winter-1 Spring-1 Summer-1
BNURS 350 (4 Cr.)
BNURS 430 (5 Cr.)
BNURS 407 (5 Cr.)
BNURS 410 (5 Cr.)

BNURS 403 (5 Cr.)
Elective #1 (5 Cr.)

Elective #2 (5 Cr.)

Note: Elective two is an online course.

BNURS 409 (5 Cr.)
BNURS 495 (1 Cr.)
Elective #3 (5 Cr.)
9 credits 10 credits 15 credits 11 credits



Did You Know?

UW Bothell has been designated a veteran-friendly campus by the Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs.