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Nursing and Health Studies Program

Health Studies Major Requirements

There are some major details that are currently under development; please check back for updates. 

Major Concentration Areas

There will be 4 concentration areas available in the major.

  • Health and Life Sciences
  • Community Health Intervention and Practice
  • Health and Society
  • Health Policy, Leadership, and Ethics

Health Studies students will have the option of concentrating in one particular area or developing a breadth of knowledge across 2-4 areas.

Health Studies Graduation Requirements

5 credits 1 course in Statistics (BHS/BMATH 215, BIS 315, B BUS 215, or any other introductory statistics course is acceptable)
22 credits

5 required course to introduce students to foundational concepts in health studies:

  • BHS 201: Introduction to Public Health (5 credits)
  • BHS 300: Principles of Health Research (2 credits)
  • BHS 302: Global Communities, Culture, and Health Equity (5 credits)
  • BHS 303: Introduction to Epidemiology (5 credits)
  • BHS 310: Pathways to Health Studies (5 credits)
20 credits

One course in each of the 4 concentration areas:

  • Health and Life Sciences (5 credits)
  • Community Health Intervention and Practice (5 credits)
  • Health and Society (5 credits)
  • Health Policy, Leadership, and Ethics (5 credits)
20 credits

Four additional Health Studies concentration area courses (students choose one pathway)

  1. Broad Pathway (4 courses across 2-4 concentration areas)(20 credits)
  2. Focused Pathway (4 courses in a single concentration area)(20 credits)

2 credits

BHS 496: Fieldwork in Health
3 credits BHS 499: Senior Portfolio
 20 credits General elective courses from across UW
 88 credits

Additional UW Bothell and/or Transfer credits (includes Health Studies admission requirements, but not any courses to satisfy university admission deficiencies)

Credits taken at UW Bothell in non-matriculated status may be applied towards these general electives only

180 credits Total Number of Credits Required for a Bachelor of Arts in Health Studies


Did You Know?

UW Bothell will celebrate its 25th anniversary during the 2014-15 school year.