Nursing and Health Studies Program

First Year Entry RN-to-BSN

Earn Your Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree
at UW Bothell as a First Year Student


First Year Entry RN-to-BSN Degree Program

Do you want to be directly admitted into a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing  program as a freshman student? Are you looking for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program that allows you to earn your Registered Nursing license as part of the degree rather than after you graduate? And, would you like to earn a year of college credit that is applied toward your degree requirements for having completed the Registered Nursing license your junior year saving you tuition and time? If so, apply to our First Year Entry RN-to-BSN degree program.

This pathway is direct-admission into our RN-to-BSN degree program for first year (freshman) students. This pathway allows students to earn their RN licensure junior year. Whereas in traditional BSN degree programs, RN licensure is earned after graduation. Not only do students graduate from this degree program with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing, but as Registered Nurse!

How it Works

The First Year Entry RN-to-BSN is an integrated degree program for high school graduates and those holding a high school diploma with no prior college credits (senior summer quarter credits after graduation included). It combines associate and baccalaureate degree education which allows students the opportunity to pursue a Registered Nursing license as part of the BSN rather than after the completion of the degree.

Students study at two college campuses graduating from the degree program with an RN License, an Associate in Nursing Degree from EvCC and a Bachelor of Science Degree from UW Bothell. At UW Bothell, students complete the university general education and nursing prerequisites the first year. Years two and three students take professional nursing courses and complete clinicals in the EvCC Nursing Program in preparation to take the Washington State Registered Nursing Licensing Exam. Upon successful passage of the state RN licensing exam, students complete the final year of academic nursing studies back at UW Bothell.

Degree Program Structure

FYE BSN ProgressionThe program has adopted a cohort model. This means students take classes with the same group of classmates throughout the majority of their studies and must successfully complete each quarter to progress through the program. View the quarterly schedule.

Advantages and Considerations:

There are many advantages and considerations to take into account when deciding to apply to the degree program. While the list below is not an exhaustive list, it's intended to provide an overview. Meet with an admissions advisor and or attend an Information Session to learn more.

  • The program is not designed for students who are exploring nursing; rather it is created for students who have made the decision to pursue nursing.
  • Admission to the major is competitive and has a math prerequisite which is checked for completion at the time of application.
  • Students study off-campus at our partner community college for the Associate Degree in Nursing in preparation for the taking the RN licensing exam.
  • The partner campus for years two and three, EvCC is approximately 19 miles northwest from UW Bothell.
  • It is a direct first year (freshman) entry into a BSN degree program.
  • It is designed to prepare students to become a Registered Nurse mid-way through the BSN degree.
  • Students must pass a national and state background check and be in compliance with required immunizations, meeting the Clinical Passport Requirements.
  • Course are offered on a pre-set schedule which requires students to meet the academic GPA and other related professional testing and licensing requirements in order to progress through the program toward graduation.
  • The program is fast paced with up to 16 credits per quarter year one.
  • Students need reliable transportation for clinical work years two and three.
  • Students are in class with experienced RNs their final year of nursing studies.
  • Students retain their UW Bothell matriculated student while in nursing school at EvCC.
  • Students have the option to stay in UWB student housing and stay active in Student Life while at EvCC.
  • Tuition costs overall are lower. While at the EvCC Nursing Program, students pay the tuition of the community college.

Note: This BSN pathway is open only to high school graduates with no prior college credits unless earned through Running Start or College in the High School. The program does not admit international students, current UWB students, existing RNs or transfer students. These students should apply to our RN-to-BSN transfer program.

Explore the admissions page of the major and of the university and be sure to attend an Information Session to learn more.




*First Year Track BSN is pending university approval.