Nursing and Health Studies Program

First Year Track BSN Class Schedules

group discussionThe curriculum for the First Year Track BSN Program is tightly designed and academically rigorous.

Your program will begin on the UW Bothell Campus, you will then go to class at Everett Community College, and then finally back to UW Bothell.  Everett Community College is located approximately 19 miles northwest of the UW Bothell campus.


Curriculum and Class schedule: the first 5 quarters at UW Bothell

Autumn Quarter 2014 Winter Quarter 2015 Spring Quarter 2015 Summer Quarter 2015 Autumn Quarter 2015
English Composition I

Discovery Core I

Introduction to Chemistry
English Composition II

Discovery Core II

Majors Cellular Biology
Statistics for the Health Sciences

Discovery Core III

Human Anatomy
Interpersonal Communication

Introduction to Psychology

Human Physiology

Introduction to Sociology

Developmental Psychology
15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits 15 Credits








Curriculum and Class Schedule: the following two years at Everett Community College

Winter Quarter 2016 Spring Quarter 2016 Autumn Quarter 2016 Winter Quarter 2017 Spring Quarter 2017 Autumn Quarter 2017
Nursing Therapeutics I: Introduction to Nursing and the Client

Nursing Therapeutics II:  Chronicity and Rehabilitation

Nursing Therapeutics III:  Acute Illness Nursing Therapeutics IV: Family Health and Reproduction Nursing Therapeutics V: Multi-System Disorders Nursing Therapeutics VI: Role Transition into Professional Nursing
13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits 13 Credits







One quarter off to become a licensed RN, then the final 4 quarters at UW Bothell to earn the BSN

No Class Winter Quarter 2018 Spring Quarter 2018 Autumn Quarter 2018 Winter Quarter 2019 Spring Quarter 2019
Prepare, take, and pass the Registered Nursing licensing exam, the NCLEX-RN Nursing Core classes and required electives Nursing core Classes and Required Electives Nursing Core classes and required electives Nursing core Classes and required electives
45 credits from UW Bothell upon licensure 10 credits (estimate) 10 credits (estimate) 10 credits (estimate)

15 credits (estimate)

BSN granted!








*First Year Track BSN is pending university approval.