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Admission to the First Year Track BSN Program

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Admission to the First Year Track Bachelor of Science Degree Program is competitive and only open to new domestic first year (freshmen) students including Running Start students. You may verify if you qualify to apply as a first-year student (a college freshman). Please Note: Transfer students and current UW Bothell first year students are not eligible to apply. Admissions is open to autumn quarter only to  first year students.

Become a Competitive Applicant:

The Nursing and Health Studies Program conducts a holistic review of all applications. Two students looking through a bookProviding evidence that you have the personal motivation, the academic preparation in the sciences, exposure to healthcare, human services or community related activities and an understanding of what it means to be a nurse will greatly strengthen your application. We recommend you consider the following in preparation to apply to the program.

Prepare academically: Show evidence that you are prepared to succeed in a full time, science based curriculum.

  • Select a rigorous set of coursework in high school.
  • Complete advanced studies in the sciences such as chemistry, biology and mathematics.
  • Complete more than the minimum College Academic Degree Requirements (CADRS) in the sciences such as chemistry, biology, and mathematics.
  • Maintain a steady to positive grade trend in your coursework.

Get involved: You are required to submit up to five activities as part of the application. We recommend you provide evidence that you are committed to the field of nursing by showing an understanding of what it means to pursue a nursing major and career. This can be demonstrated by involving yourself in heathcare, human services or community-related activities. We recommend you note both the number of hours and the overall start and end dates of the time you were involved in each activity.

  • Volunteer in a health care setting such as a hospital or clinic.
  • Participate in healthcare, human services or community related activities.
  • Seek basic CPR or BLS certification.
  • Shadow a nurse or, at a minimum, a health care provider.
  • Participate in informational interviews with nurses.
  • If your school offers a Allied Health program, enroll!
  • Enroll in a Nursing Boot Camp.

Network:  Because the BSN is a professional degree, you need to submit at least two recommendations.

  • Review the recommendation forms.
  • Carefully consider who would best be able to answer the questions. Is it a teacher? Someone from one of your activities?
  • Who could best describe why you are the ideal candidate?
  • We recommend you request at least one of your recommendations come from a teacher and the other from someone who oversaw one of your activities. While there is no requirement that you select either one of these positions, be sure to select those who you believe could best answer the questions on the form.

Start the writing portion early: Provide a personal statement and short response that is well written. The personal statement and short response is often the best way we have of really getting to know you. Share with us what you value, why you have chosen UWB and nursing, and how you see yourself contributing to the university, major and profession through your lived experiences.

  • If possible, connect your personal statement or short response to being a nurse.
  • Rewrite and rewrite it.
  • Avoid grammatical errors and typos.
  • Have someone edit it for you.
  • Be willing to open up and share.
  • Stay within the number of words required--no more and no less!

Meet with a UWB Admission Advisor or attend an Information Session: Preparing for college and a competitive direct-entry program requires that you stand out above the other applicants and have all the information you need to be the best applicant you can be. You may also find you have a lot of questions along the way!

Application Requirements

All successful applicants must

Note: The First Year BSN Track program is open only to incoming first year (freshmen) students. Current UW Bothell students, prospective transfer and international students are not eligible to apply to the program. If you are not eligible for First Year BSN Track, we encourage you to explore our RN-to-BSN Program options with an admissions advisor.

*First Year Track BSN is pending university approval.