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Nursing and Health Studies Program

Director Feedback


Anonymous feedback may be sent directly to David via this link

Dear NHS Faculty and Staff:

My goal is to be as mindful of these behaviors as I can and consistently practice them.  While, like anyone, I need feedback on how I’m doing, the reality of power differences at work may mean you don’t want to provide it directly—although I invite you to do so!  But regardless, I hope you’ll find some way to let me know how I’m doing on a regular basis.  If you’re in a hurry, you could just use a 5 point scale with 5 being “really great” and 1 being “just terrible”!   Thanks!

Behavior #1

  • Listen completely
  • Listen for meaning
  • Withhold judgment
  • Pay attention
  • Active listening
  • Engaged listening
  • Ask for clarification
  • Offer reframing

Behavior #2

  • Come with positive intentions
  • Foster connections
  • Focus on issue, not person
  • Assume no malice
  • Give others the benefit of the doubt
  • Solutions – oriented conversations
  • Promote transparency
  • Attribution of goodwill
  • Honoring of and knowledge of  all contributions
  • Share information about what we do

Behavior #3

  • Disagree respectfully
  • Respect self and others
  • Respectful honesty
  • Make requests, not demands
  • Ask for what you want – be brave
  • Willingness to admit what you don’t know

Behavior #4

  • Acknowledge and utilize strengths of each individual
  • Treasure each person as a valued team member
  • Honor all ideas/contributions because we value that the whole is enriched by diversity
  • Commend each others’ strengths
  • Nurture connections on an individual level
  • Acknowledgement that all have aspirations for professional development
  • Acknowledgement of diverse interests

Behavior #5

  • Cultivate Kindness/positive feedback
  • Compassion
  • Collegiality
  • Proactively and positively addressing situation
  • Be nice
  • Use your inside voice
  • Ask for clarification as strategy for reframing

Behavior #6

  • Express a sense of humor
  • Don’t take self too seriously

Behavior #7

  • Create safe place to express
  • Explicit awareness of power differential
  • Staff/faculty
  • Faculty hierarchy
  • All take responsibility for creating safe collaborative environment
  • Personal and situational awareness


  • Be present”
  • Come prepared
  • Be wary of side conversations
  • To the whole group
  • Willing to engage
  • Positive intentions you hold
  • Solutions – Oriented conversations
  • Promote transparency
  • “I” statements
  • Make time (interaction takes time)