Nursing and Health Studies Program

David Allen

David Allen photoDavid G. Allen, RN, PhD
Professor and Director

Nursing and Health Studies
Box 358532
University of Washington Bothell
18115 Campus Way NE
Bothell, WA 98011
Phone: (425) 352-5396

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University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)

M.S., Nursing, 1981
Adult Health and Aging Nurse Practitioner
Specialty-Dementia and Alzheimer's disease

University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)

B.S., Nursing, 1979

University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI), Center for Twentieth Century Studies

Post-doctoral fellowship in contemporary theory, 1976-7

University of Iowa (Iowa City, IA)

Ph.D, 1975
Dissertation:  The phenomenological aesthetics of Mikel DuFrenne

University of Iowa  (Iowa City, IA)

M.A., Theatre History, 1971

Colorado State University  (Fort Collins, CO)

B.A., English (with honors), 1970


University of Washington

Nursing and Health Studies, UW Bothell
9/2012-present  Director and Professor

Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, UW Tacoma
2012-present Adjunct Professor

Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies (formerly Women Studies)
9/2005-6/2012  Chair
7/1988- Present  Adjunct Professor

Department of Psychosocial and Community Health
7/1995-6/2012  Professor (6/2012-present Adjunct Professor)
7/1995-6/1998  Chair

Department of Psychosocial Nursing
7/1988-6/1995  Associate Professor and Chair (Promoted to Professor in 1992)

Center for Multicultural Education
1/2002-present  Faculty Affiliate

Flinders University (Adelaide, Australia)

School of Nursing
9/1996-11/1996  Visiting Scholar

University of Wisconsin-Madison

School of Nursing
1/1982-6/1988   Assistant Professor

Women's Studies Program
12/1983-6/1988  Assistant Professor

Methodist Retirement Health Ctr  (Madison, Wisconsin)
1/80-1/81   Staff Nurse

Milton College (Milton, WI)

Nursing Program 
1978-79      Instructor, BS Completion (part-time)

St. Mary's Hospital (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Emergency Department
9/76-5/77  Emergency Medical Technician (part-time)

State University of New York (Buffalo, New York)

English Department
9/75-6/76  Instructor, English (part-time)


Peer reviewed articles:

Cloyes, K, Lovell, D, Allen DG and LA Rhodes (2006) Assessment of psychosocial impairment in a supermaximum prison unit.  Criminal Justice and Behavior.

Allen, DG and K. Cloyes, (2005) The language of experience in nursing research.  Nursing Inquiry 12:2 98-105

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Technical Reports: (produced by UW team for Washington State Dept. of Corrections)

Correctional Mental Health Collaboration (2001) Clinical Status of IMU Inmates

Correctional Mental Health Collaboration (2001)  Major Themes of Report on IMU Residents

Correctional Mental Health Collaboration (1998). A Profile of Inmates Identified as Behaviorally Disturbed

Correctional Mental Health Collaboration (1999) Planning Outline:  Transitional Opportunity Programs at MCC-SOU.

Correctional Mental Health Collaboration  (1999) Briefing on Transitional Opportunity Program Population and Methods

Correctional Mental Health Collaboration (1998) Disciplinary Policy in Mental Health Units: The role of Unit F at McNeil Island Correctional Center.

Correctional Mental Health Collaboration (1997) Cost Effectiveness Research:  Estimating the Cost of Prison Infractions.

Book Chapters and Proceedings, etc. (* = Peer reviewed):

Allen, D (in press) Multiplying Masculinities:  An overview of contemporary theories of masculinity.  Levison, J and P. Pope-Levison (eds) Gender and Christianity Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock.

Allen, D (in press) Philosophy in nursing.  In Philosophy of Nursing 5 Questions.  Anette Forss, Christine Ceci, John S Drummond (Editors) Automatic Press/VIP in New York and London.

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Books and monographs:

Impact of regionalization on consumers (1992)  Mental health evaluation, Report 92-11. Report to Washington State Legislature of evaluation of client outcomes of SSB5400, mental health reform legislation.  Co-authored with grant team members and Legislative Budget Committee, pp. 65-95. (Technical Report)

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Allen, D. & de Lauretis, T. (Eds.) (1977). Theoretical perspectives.  Cine-Tracts,  1:2 (special edition).

Reviews and Editorials:

Allen, D. (2002)  September 9th and the Eminent Practicality of Poststructuralism.  Nursing Inquiry

Allen, D. (1988). Review of Susan Reverby's Ordered to care. Journal of American History, 614-5.


Curriculum: Revolutions and counterrevolutions. (1990) NLN Videotape. Moderated by Pat Moccia (30 minutes).


Correctional Mental Health Collaboration.  David Lovell, PI.  “Children of prisoners” and mental health coordination/training.  $19,000 September 2007-June 30 2008.

Ford Foundation Curriculum Transformation Grant, “Transnationalism and ethnic identity” $5000 January-June 2004.

Research and Intramural Funding Program, School of Nursing. Discourses of difference and disability in supermaximum prison confinement. $10,000.  April 2002-March 31, 2003

*Correctional Mental Health Collaboration.  State of Washington Department of Corrections.  With David Lovell and Lorna A. Rhodes.  $250,000.  2001-2002.

*Correctional Mental Health Collaboration.  State of Washington Department of Corrections.  With David Lovell and Lorna A. Rhodes.  $450,000.  1999-2001..

*Correctional Mental Health Collaboration.  State of Washington Department of Corrections.  Co-PI with Eric Trupin.  1997-99.

*Correctional Mental Health Collaboration. State of Washington Department of Corrections. Co-PI with Eric J. Trupin. $197,177; 1996-7.

*Correctional Mental Health Collaboration. State of Washington Department of Corrections. Co-PI with Eric J. Trupin. $205,973; 1995-6.

Community mental health outcomes and efficiency evaluation (HB6547).  Division of Mental Health, Washington State $79,000; Co-PI* (with Ana Marie Cauce and Dennis Dyck)

*Correctional Mental Health Collaboration. State of Washington Department of Corrections. Co-PI* with Betty Jane Narver. $486,000; 1994-5.

*Correctional Mental Health Collaboration.. State of Washington Department of Corrections. Co-PI with Betty Jane Narver,  $160,000; 1993-4.

British Columbia Health Association, Evaluating Shared Governance in Four Hospitals.  P.I. ($30,000).

*Regionalization of Mental Health Care Delivery (2SSB5400): Effects on consumers.  Lew Gilchrist, Co-PI. Washington State Legislature. Co-PI* $338,000, 1990-92.

King County Jails.  Advanced Health Assessment Course.  P.I.  1992-1993.  ($12,000/yr.).

End of program evaluation for Baccalaureate Nursing Education. Co-PI. Anne Lousteau, PI. University of Washington. $25,000.

National Institute of Mental Health, Clinical training grant. Principal Investigator, $43,200. 1989-92.

Nursing Models of "The Family" and Critical Social Theory. School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Madison. PI. $4,886, 1986.

Shared Governance: Evaluation of Staff Nurses' Participation in Decision Making. Methodist Hospital and West Suburban Hospital. PI $1200; 1984.

Evaluating hospital decentralization to increase staff nurses' participation in decision making. Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Madison PI $6,681, 1985.

Evaluating staff nurses' responses to decision making. School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Madison,  PI $9,827; 1986.
Further research on Shared Governance. School of Nursing, University of Wisconsin-Madison PI $2,655; 1987.

The American Nurses Associations' Social Policy Statement as Ideological Discourse. Graduate School, University of Wisconsin-Madison PI $7,021; 1987.

* These projects had only “Co-PIs”, no PIs.


Psychosocial functioning in supermaximum confinement.  NIMH  (PI: 1,734,294 direct costs) Rejected as unrelated to NIMH mission!!

Psychosocial Functioning and Confinement in Supermaximum Prisons: A Longitudinal Study. National Institute for Justice. (PI: $740,000. not funded).

Primary Health Care Programs.  Division of Nursing, 1993. (PI: $3,788,575. Not funded)

Breaking the Cycle for Mentally Ill Offenders. Roberts Woods Johnson, 1993. (PI: $490,000; Not funded).

Nursing Home Patients with Alzheimer's Disease: Nonpharmacological Intervention. NIA/NCNR. Linda Teri, PI. David Allen, Rica O'Connor, Co-PI.  $150,000. Approved, not funded.

Nurses' participation in decision making:  Relationship to key organizational variables. BRSG. $7,500. Approved, not funded.


I am/was the faculty sponsor and dissertation chair for the following doctoral students:

Gallison, Melissa Confronting the medical model: A hermeneutic view of the quest for health care by gay men with HIV and AIDS. NRSA

Boutain, Doris Worry, stress and family: Critical signifiers of high blood pressure by rural dwelling African Americans.  NRSA.

Hardin, Pam: Women, Bodies, and Self- Surveillance:  Recovery from Anorexia Nervosa: An Analysis of Social Discourse & A Discourse Regarding Analysis.  NRSA

Phillips, Debbie: Exploring new directions for ending practices of male violence:  Masculinity, adolescent boys and culture.  NRSA.

Cooke, Cheryl, Explorations of subjectivity and agency with formerly incarcerated African American men.  NRSA

Cloyes, Kristin, “Mentally ill prisoners in supermaximum confinement” NRSA.

Padgett, Stephen. “Negotiating quality: Everyday practice and self regulation.”  NRSA.


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1994-98    Research Committee, Seattle Children’s Home.

1994-98    International Policy Board, Centre for Mental Health Nursing Research, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

1990        Chair, Hospital Improvement Taskforce.  Western State Hospital.

1990        Member, Mental Health Board, Division of Mental Health, State of Washington.

1989        Member, Mental Health Institute Consortium (Governing board of Washington's  Mental Health Institute).

1989-90    Member, Human Resources in Mental Health Task Force, Division of Mental Health, State of Washington.

1983-88    President of Board of Directors, Madison Area Adult Day Centers. MAADC operated three Adult Day Centers, including two specializing in older adults with Alzheimer's disease and other irreversible dementias.


2004        College of Nursing, Dexter University, Philadelphia.  Consultations with faculty, students and administration on research productivity. 

2003        Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand.  Provided supervision to faculty and students and made four public presentations. June 15-22 2003.

1997        University of New Brunswick, Faculty of Nursing, Fredericton, New Brunswick.  Consultation on curricular evaluation and accreditation of a multi-campus program.

1997        University of British Columbia, School of Nursing.  Vancouver, B.C.  Consultation with interdisciplinary group on developing a grant on violence and cultural safety.

1996        Flinders University School of Nursing, Adelaide, South Australia.  Consultation with faculty and doctoral students on research.

1996        Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin New Zealand.  Consultation with faculty and graduate students on integrating critical perspectives into research.

1996        Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand.  Consultation with faculty and graduate students on mental health issues in primary care nursing and correctional mental health systems.

1994        Deakin University, Geelong, Victoria Australia.  Research and theory consultation with graduate students and faculty at first Australian university to offer a doctoral degree in nursing.

1992        University of Southern Maine, Portland, ME.  Psychiatric mental health graduate program design.

1992-93    Critical Care Nursing Systems, University of Washington, School of Nursing, Seattle, WA. Consulting Advisory Group.

1990        Good Shepherd Hospital, Barrington, IL. Shared Governance.

1990        St. Mary's Hospital, Duluth, MN. Decentralization of nursing services.  With     Sarah Shannon and Marty DesRosier.

1990        Wayne State University, School of Nursing, Detroit, MI.  Faculty governance.

1990        Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA. Nurse Executive Group: Structure and Process.

1990        Group Health Cooperative-Central, Seattle, WA. Shared Governance in two    medical-surgical units.

1990        Jefferson General Hospital, Port Townsend, WA.  Designing and implementing a decentralization project.

1988        University Hospital Psychiatric Units and Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences on unit operations and interdisciplinary cooperation.

1988-89    Columbia Hospital, Milwaukee, WI. Decentralization of nursing services.

1989        United Hospital and Children's Hospital, St. Paul, MN. Decentralization of    nursing services.

1989        Group Health Cooperative, Seattle, WA.  With Lee Eggert and Sarah Shannon. Team building and conflict resolution.

1988-94    British Health Authority, St. Mary’s Hospital and Campbell River Hospital in B.C.  Design and evaluation of shared governance.


1990-2006        Critical and feminist perspectives in nursing:  Annual Conference.  My colleague Janice Thompson (University of Southern Maine) and I have organized this annual meeting of scholars in nursing who are interested in critical theory and feminism in  nursing.  The most recent meeting was April 2006 in Milwaukee WI.  The next will be in 2007 in Vancouver, BC

1989-91    Council of Baccalaureate and Higher Degree Programs Committee on Accreditation. NLN.

1988-91    Curriculum Revolution Planning Committee.  NLN.

1988-92    Image:  Manuscript reviewer.

1988-92    Nurse Educator:  Manuscript reviewer.

1991-93     Nursing Forum: Editorial Board

1994-     Nursing Inquiry: Editorial Board

1995    Canadian Journal of Nursing Research:  Manuscript reviewer.


In both the School of Nursing and Women Studies, as a department chair and faculty member, I’ve served in every capacity—APT, Curriculum, Search Committees, Taskforces of various stripes.

Development:  Organized and ran the Women Studies Visiting (development) Committee 2005-2009.  Brought in about $100,000 in endowments for graduate and undergraduate students.


2009    Member and chair of ‘current practices’ subcommittee for the Center for Teaching and Learning joint initiative with the Graduate School, Library and Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

2009    Member of Provost’s committee to review the Women’s Center

2009    Member of the A&S committee to study implications of Activity Based Budgeting

2009    Disparate impacts of budget reductions on teaching loads of untenured faculty and our diversity mission.  ADVANCE presentation May.   

2008-10    College Budget Advisory Council.  Member

2009    Chair, Department Chair Search Committee, American Indian Studies

2008    "History in the Making: Race, Gender and the 2008 Presidential Elections." Panel  organized by the Black Law Students Association.  Co-presenter

2008    Member, Department Chair Search Committee, Psychosocial and Community Health, School of Nursing

2008        Taskforce on relocating Cunningham Hall

2008        Tenure review committee for Kari Lerum, IAS Bothell.

2007-08    Distinguished Teaching Award Committee

2007-08    Research Committee Social Science Division

2007-08    Member, Search Committee for School of Nursing Dean

2006-7    Diversity Committee for Arts & Sciences

2006-08    Royalty Research Fund Review Committee

2007-09    Session on teaching in diverse classrooms for new Teaching Assistants

2008        Session on balancing work and life for the Teaching Academy

2008        Workshop for TA’s and Peer Tutors in CHID on diversity and participation

2006        Graduate School review of UW Tacoma Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences programs (2 bachelors and one Master’s degrees).  (Chair)

2006        Educating whiteness:  Racial predicament in the post-civil rights era.  Panel with Zeus Leonardo, Rebecca Aanerud and Jonathan Warren.  Center for Multicultural Education.  College of Education

2006        Organizing committee:  Feminist Dialogues on Social Justice.  October 2006

1998        Graduate School review of UW Bothell Education program (Chair)


2005        Martin Luther King Community Service Award.

2004        Distinguished Teaching award, University of Washington

1988        Fellow, American Academy of Nursing

1986        Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Wisconsin-Madison.  

1986, '88    Outstanding Teacher.  Awarded by undergraduate nursing students.   

1983        Award: MAIN, "Nursing Practice Structure: A Model for Staff Self-Governance."      First prize for joint service-education projects (with Marlys Peterson).

1971-74    Merit Scholarships, University of Iowa.

1970        Grant from Council on Good Teaching, University of Iowa.

1970        Honorable Mention, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship.
Lambda Iota Tau
Alpha Psi Omega


Rebecca Aanerud, Senior Lecturer, GWSS; Assistant Dean, Graduate School; email:; Box 354345

Priti Ramamurthy, Professor GWSS; Director South Asian Studies (Jackson School);  email:; Box 354345

Linda Teri, Professor Psychosocial and Community Health; email;  Box 357263

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