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Pre-BSN Admission Details

Admission as a Pre-BSN student

Applicants who graduate mid-year from their ADN programs, or who otherwise wish to get an ealy start on their RN-to-BSN studies may apply for admission as a Pre-Nursing (Pre-BSN) student.  While Pre-BSN admission does not guarantee eventual BSN program acceptance, Pre-BSN status will allow you to take any UW Bothell courses that are open to all majors, and so will provide you with the opportunity to complete in advance the 15 credits of non-Nursing electives that are part of the 45 credit BSN program. 

Non-Nursing Electives must be 300- or 400-level courses, must be taken from UW Bothell, and at least one elective during your program must be a B HLTH course.  Electives may not be courses from the BISSKL or BBSKL sections of the Time Schedule, or be an additional statistics course.  The largest selection will be found in the quarterly Time Schedule (located at under Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and Health (B HLTH) but Business, and Education and Science and Technology may offer courses each quarter that are open to all majors. (Note that courses taken to satisfy specific prerequisites such as statistics may not be counted towards your non-Nursing electives). 

You may also enroll as a Pre-BSN student to complete the Statistics admission requirement here at UW Bothell, though of course you can also complete this particular requirement at any community college.

How to Apply as a Pre-BSN Student

Pre-BSN applicants complete the same exact application as RN-to-BSN applicants and are held to the same admission requirements.  Additionally, Pre-BSN applicants must also select the quarter and cohort where they desire to start the BSN program (this is done on the application).  Please Note:  At the time you apply, if there is no room for you in the BSN program in the quarter and cohort you want to start, you will need to select a new desired BSN start quarter in order for your Pre-BSN application to be considered.

Should you apply as a Pre-BSN student?

Students who have completed all of their BSN Admission Requirements and who want to start working on the coursework they need to complete the BSN program before they can be admitted a group of students chattingfor our Summer or Autumn cohorts are encouraged to apply as Pre-BSN students. If you have not completed all of your Admission Requirements, you should complete those at a Community College first before any application to UW Bothell.  If you expect to be receiving Financial Aid or Scholarships while in the BSN program, coming as a Pre-BSN student first will cause you extraordinary difficulty, because it will make it impossible for you to register for the 12 credits per quarter needed for a Full-Time financial aid award when you are a BSN student.

Does Being Accepted as a Pre-BSN Student Guarantee Eventual BSN Acceptance?

No.   We make every effort not to accept applicants as Pre-BSN students who we expect will not be admitted to the BSN program, but this is not a guarantee.

How are Pre-BSN students admitted to the BSN Program?

Pre-BSN students must maintain continuous enrollment between when they start as Pre-BSN students and when they are admitted to the BSN program in order not to have to reapply to UW Bothell Nursing and pay another application fee.  "Continuous enrollment" means that you must be enrolled as a student every quarter.  You are allowed to take a single quarter off during the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters), and Summer quarter does not count in the quarter-off policy.  Some examples follow:

  • a student could take 5 credits Fall quarter, 10 credits in Winter quarter, take Spring quarter off, and be admitted to the BSN program to start Summer quarter
  • a student could take 5 credits fall, winter, and spring quarters, take Summer quarter off, and be admitted to the BSN program for Fall quarter

Usually in January or February, current Pre-BSN students are asked by the BSN program to update their application files.  Any requested updates must be submitted directly to the BSN program by the deadline given in order to receive priority consideration for BSN admission.   Once the updates are received, the Pre-BSN student files go out to the Nursing Admissions Committee for BSN admissions consideration. 




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