Car club races to popularity

Car club meeting

The UW Bothell Car Club grows in popularity with each meet. Enthusiasts of any level, no matter what kind of car they drive, enjoy the camaraderie and bonding over projects.

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Kwad Dogs pilot their future

husky with propeller blades

Kwad Dawgs is a new UW Bothell club that loves to build and fly drones. Some members are engineering students who have used the Makerspace to create drone components. Student Payton Rollag says work with the quadcopter is “fundamental to what I’m learning.”

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The many benefits of student clubs

Intale Shuba

After he transferred to UW Bothell, Intale Shuba joined the Black Student Union and found a community of like-minded people. Now he’s president. Student clubs provide opportunities for leadership, networking and digging deeper into academic topics.

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