UW Bothell students around the world

UW Bothell students on study abroad trip

Nearly 600 international students are enrolled at the University of Washington Bothell this year, and increasing numbers of UW Bothell students study abroad, with more than 150 participating last year.

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Shared ideals found at U.N. Youth Assembly

Sayaka Oe at U.N. Youth Assembly

A UW Bothell student who attended the United Nations Youth Assembly found that other young people around the world care deeply about many of the same things that are valued at the University, such as sustainable technology and advancing women’s rights.

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Job search even tougher for international students

Sridarsh Vinnakota

Sridarsh Vinnakota had five interviews last summer for finance internships. All the companies backed out when the interviewers learned he’s an international student from India. Vinnakota is helping others in his position with a job fair for international students.

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International student’s USA bike adventure

Hyunsoo Kim

An international student studying marketing at University of Washington Bothell faced a choice between a summer internship or biking across the country. Hyunsoo Kim chose a his cross-country adventure on two wheels.

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Hosting EducationUSA Adviser Training

Center for International Education advisers

The University of Washington Bothell has a chance to shine when it hosts 18 international advisers for a weeklong EducationUSA training institute. It allows us to highlight our campus to advisers helping students come to the United States, says Dana Brolley of the Center for International Education.

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