June - December 2015


Test scores don’t tell us everything about New Orleans school reform

fivethirtyeight.com, August 25, 2015
Ten years after Hurricane Katrina, the city of New Orleans is still debating the merits of Louisiana’s experimental overhaul of its flooded schools. But research released this month signals that student outcomes in the city have improved and that the reforms are responsible. The senior research analyst and policy director at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, Christine Campbell, studied the New Orleans model. Read More.

UW remains No. 7 in Washington Monthly ranking; named ‘best bang for the buck’ among universities in the west

washington.edu, August 24, 2015
For the second consecutive year, the University of Washington held the No. 7 spot in the nation in Washington Monthly’s annual College Guide, which rates universities on students’ social mobility, civic engagement and research. UW Bothell is mentioned for making Washington Monthly’s list at number 13 for ‘best bang for the buck.’ Read More.

Mathematicians find a 15th way to tile your floor with pentagons

digitaltrends.com, August 24, 2015
If you’re thinking of re-tiling your bathroom, you might go with large squares that make a regular alternating pattern, but what if you want a shape with more sides — like a pentagon? UW Bothell is mentioned for being the university where three mathematicians discovered the new type of pentagon. Read More.

UW Bothell presents its Fall Convergence event

bothell-reporter.com, topix.com, August 24, 2015
The University of Washington Bothell will produce its Fall Convergence event from 1-7 p.m. on Oct. 2 at the North Creek Events Center in Bothell. Read More.

IBM’s school could fix education- and tech’s diversity gap

wired.com, August 24, 2015
It’s a sea of black graduation gowns in the belly of the Barclays Center in Brooklyn one rainy Tuesday evening in June. On the floor of the stadium, where the basketball court should be, sit thousands of students awaiting the start of the 75th Commencement of the New York City College of Technology, better known as City Tech. A leading researcher at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, Larry miller, is mentioned. Read More.

Beyond choice to parent power

dropoutnation.net, August 21, 2015
Before your editor tears apart the problematic thinking behind the latest version of the Center for Education Reform’s so-called Parent Power Index, let’s give the organization credit for at least providing a measure of which states are expanding opportunities for high-quality education. Reports completed by the Center on Reinventing Public Education are mentioned. Read More.

Fixing a broken educational system: A public forum on the school-to-prison pipeline

iexaminer.org, August 20, 2015
The full parking lot spilling over onto nearby neighborhood streets was a good indication that the July 29 public forum, “The School-to-Prison Pipeline: Education, not Criminalization of our Youth,” was well attended. Wayne Au, a professor at UW Bothell, gave a keynote speech at the public forum. Read More.

Ambassador Spotlight: Mariah Crystal

washington.edu, August 20, 2015
We talked with Whole U Ambassador Mariah Crystal, an international admissions advisor/recruiter at UW Bothell, about serving in the Peace Corps and why she wanted to be part of our program when she returned. Crystal graduated from UW Bothell with a Master of Arts in Policy Studies degree. Read More.

Quadrilateral tile discovery solves decades-long math problem

redorbit.com, August 20, 2015
Even though they might be easy to understand, some math problems are so complex that their solution ekes forward decades at a time. Researchers from UW Bothell discovered the 15th pentagon that can tile a plane – or fit together perfectly to cover any level surface without overlaps or gaps. Read More.

Geometric paradise: Explore the realms of wild tiling

archdaily.com, August 19, 2015
What do mathematics and your kitchen backsplash have in common? More than you might think: according to recent findings published in The Guardian, mathematicians have had a breakthrough in the world of pentagons, resulting in a new class of mathematically tiling shape. UW Bothell is mentioned for being the campus where three mathematicians discovered the new type of pentagon. Read More.

EnableCon2015: e-NABLE celebrates another year 3D printing affordable prostheses on Oct. 24th

3dprint.com, August 19, 2015
A team of mathematicians has wowed the math world with their discovery of a new kind of pentagon capable of "tiling a plane"--that is, fitting together on a flat surface without overlapping or leaving any gaps. Ivan Owen, an Entrepreneur in Residence at UW Bothell, is the co-creator of the 3D-printed hand. Read More.

Historic ‘tile’ discovery gives math world a big jolt

huffingtonpost.com, August 19, 2015
A team of mathematicians has wowed the math world with their discovery of a new kind of pentagon capable of "tiling a plane"--that is, fitting together on a flat surface without overlapping or leaving any gaps. UW Bothell is mentioned for being the campus where three mathematicians discovered the new type of pentagon. Read More.

Gold Bar man's varied career leads him to purple food truck

heraldnet.com, August 19, 2015
Step up to this Japanese food truck and smell the bacon. As in bacon fried rice, bacon yakisoba and bacon sushi. The purple sushi truck will be coming to UW Bothell soon! Read More.

Butoh Troupe Sankai Juku to perform UMUSUNA: MEMORIES BEFORE HISTORY, 10/1

broadwayworld.com, August 17, 2015
Declared "one of the most original and startling dance theater groups to be seen" by The New York Times, Sankai Juku weaves meticulous spellbinding movement with breathtaking visual spectacle to create deeply moving theatrical experiences. Diana Garcia-Snyder, a UW Bothell lecturer, will be giving a lecture on her perspectives on butoh prior to performances. Read More.

Mathematicians find new 'perfect shape' that solves one of their most complex problems

yenetatube.com, August 17, 2015
The discovery was made by researchers at Washington University using a computer program written by an undergraduate student. UW Bothell is mentioned for being the campus where three mathematicians discovered the new type of pentagon. Read More.

Politicians speak at North Creek Forest

nwnews.com, August 17, 2015
U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene and U.S. Sen. Patty Murray visited Bothell’s North Creek Forest last Thursday, and asked Congress to reauthorize the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF), which provided grants that helped preserve North Creek Forest. A UW Bothell student, Jordan Muhs, is quoted. Read More.

French six-year-old receives 3D-printed hand

english.rfi.fr, August 17, 2015
A six-year-old French boy was to receive an 3D-printed artificial hand on Monday evening. The hand will be replaced as Maxence Contegal, who was born without a right hand, grows. Ivan Owen, an Entrepreneur in Residence at UW Bothell, is the co-creator of the 3D-printed hand. The e-NABLE conference will be held at UW Bothell in October. Read More.

Computer finds new pentagonal tiling- with some human help

i-programmer.info, August 15, 2015
Jennifer McLoud-Mann had almost come to believe that her last two years of work had been for naught. UW Bothell is mentioned for being the university where three mathematicians discovered the new type of pentagon. Read More.

With discovery, 3 scientists chip away at an unsolvable math problem

npr.org, kpbs.org, August 14, 2015
Jennifer McLoud-Mann had almost come to believe that her last two years of work had been for naught. UW Bothell is mentioned for being the university where three mathematicians discovered a new type of pentagon. Read More.

UW Bothell ranks at head of class for value in state

heraldnet.com, August 14, 2015
Education is a family affair for Ayva Thomas. Her mother and grandmother are teachers who instilled in Thomas a love of learning. Read More.

Faculty Friday: Dan Berger

washington.edu, August 14, 2015
Cell phones and dashboard cameras capture shootings and chokeholds. Jumbled storylines lead to suspensions and resignations. Protestors clash with police. The world watches. Dan Berger is an assistant professor for UW Bothell’s School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences. Read More.

District approves of charter school application, schedule vote

trib.com, August 13, 2015
Backers of Natrona County's first charter school cleared an important hurdle this week when district officials approved their application and scheduled a final vote on the matter. Incidents mentioned in the article were included in a report completed by the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Read More.

In the market for a new bathroom tile? Here’s one that’s also a mathematical discovery

fastcodesign.com, August 13, 2015
The pentagon is not a shape you typically see used for tiling. Take a peek at your average bathroom tile pattern and you'll probably see triangles, quadrilaterals, or hexagons—shapes that, when tessellated, don't overlap or leave any gaps. That's what mathematicians call being able to "tile the plane," and regular pentagons, with their five equal length sides, can't do it without a second shape added in. UW Bothell is mentioned for being the university where three mathematicians discovered the new type of pentagon. Read More.

5 reasons to celebrate national yoga month with the Whole U

washington.edu, August 13, 2015
Last year over 700 UW faculty and staff celebrated National Yoga Month with us. This September, we want to make it easy for even more faculty and staff to give yoga a try or to reinvigorate their practice. Here are five reasons why you should. There will be free yoga classes held on the UW Bothell campus. Read More.

5 key takeaways about school improvement in Cleveland

freshwatercleveland.com, August 13, 2015
Four years ago, the Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD) was in pretty bad shape. “We had made it to ‘continuous improvement’ status [with the Ohio Department of Education], then fell back to ‘academic watch’ and then to ‘academic emergency,’” recalls CEO Eric Gordon. The district moved to a portfolio model, inspired by research done by the Center on Reinventing Public Education. Read More.

Lessons from the trenches on making school choice work

brookings.edu, August 12, 2015
In the United States, what school a child attends is determined in large part by where she lives. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, nearly three-quarters of American children attend schools assigned to them based on their residence. The Center on Reinventing Public Education has conducted research to discover whether or not offering school choice to families would promote educational equity. Read More.

Finally, a new pentagon shape that tiles in a plane

zmescience.com, August 11, 2015
Both bathroom decorators and mathematicians have a reason to rejoice (how often does that happen?). Using a computer algorithm, a group of mathematicians at the University of Washington Bothell discovered the 15th kind of pentagon that can tile in a plane. Read More.

UW Bothell student David Ricker awarded BECU Foundation scholarship

bothell-reporter.com, August 11, 2015
The BECU Foundation has awarded $3,000 scholarships to 80 student-members, including University of Washington Bothell Campus student David Ricker. Read More.

Attack on the pentagon results in discovery of new mathematical tile

theguardian.com, August 11, 2015
In the world of mathematical tiling, news doesn’t come bigger than this. UW Bothell’s Casey Mann, Jennifer McLoud, and David Von Derau are mentioned for their discovery of a new type of pentagon. Read More.

U.S. Representative holds roundtable discussion with local school districts

nwnews.com, August 10, 2015
U.S. Rep. Suzan DelBene met with local educators, including Northshore School District Superintendent Larry Francois, NSD School Board President Janet Quinn and NSD School Board Vice President Amy Cast, last Tuesday at the NSD Administration Building in Bothell. Leaders from UW Bothell joined the discussion. Read More.

A New Way To Tile Your Floor (If You Like Pentagons)

forbes.com, August 6, 2015
At some point in your life you’ve probably created a tiling on a piece of paper. Take a shape and repeat it infinitely across the plane by matching up sides, leaving no gaps anywhere. Casey Mann, Jennifer McLoud, and David Von Derau, of UW Bothell found a new way of pentagonal tiling. Read More.

Learning from the legacy of a catastrophic eruption

newyorker.com, August 5, 2015
On the morning of May 18, 1980, in southwestern Washington State, an earthquake on the northern flank of Mt. St. Helens released an immense landslide, a blast of superheated gas and rock, and a fifteen-mile-high plume of ash. Cynthia Chang, an Assistant Professor for UW Bothell’s School of STEM Biological Sciences Division, is researching the eruption. Read More.

Spotlight on youth

columbian.com, August 5, 2015
Tegan Stuart of Vancouver, daughter of Jon and Sharman Stuart of Vancouver, is a 2015 graduate of La Salle Catholic College Preparatory High School in Milwaukie, Ore. One of the students recognized for receiving a scholarship, Leslie Garcia, plans on attending UW Bothell to study nursing. Read More.

UW Bothell to create ‘Responsible Business Executive' program

heraldnet.com, August 5, 2015
The University of Washington Bothell School of Business will collaborate with the Carol Sanford Institute to create The Responsible Business Executive Education Program. Read More.

Beardslee Public House to donate 10 percent of beer sales in August to local scholarship funds

bothell-reporter.com, August 4, 2015
Beardslee Public House at the Village at Beardslee Crossing is set to open on Aug. 10. From opening day through the end of August, Beardslee Public House will donate 10 percent of all Beardslee beer sales to student scholarship funds at University of Washington Bothell and Cascadia College. Read More.

Environmental concerns void Bothell development regulations

seattletimes.com, August 2, 2015
A Bothell ordinance to allow increased residential development in the environmentally sensitive North Creek watershed has been rejected by a state Growth Management Hearings Board. The rejection was supported by Ann Aagaard, the same activist who contributed to the preservation and restoration of the 52-acre wetland on UW Bothell’s campus. Read More.

What is the future for the Weyerhaeuser property? | Letter

federalwaymirror.com, August 2, 2015
Like many of you, I was startled when I first read that Weyerhaeuser would be leaving Federal Way in 2016 after what will have been 45 years in the city. After the initial shock and sense of loss comes the question: “What’s next?” UW Bothell is mentioned as one of two branch campuses existing in the Puget Sound Region. Read More.


Old Hands, New Hurdles: State Chiefs Who Take the Local Reins

edweek.org, July 30, 2015
When state school superintendents decide to leave their posts in favor of running districts, an outsider might see it as a step down the traditional K-12 career ladder. Paul Hill, founder of the Center on Reinventing Public Education, is quoted. Read More.

School Innovation Networks Rife with Technical, Logistical Challenges

govtech.com, July 30, 2015
Key & Peele released a new sketch, “TeachersCenter,” that focuses on the ways our society devalues teachers by comparing them to professional athletes. Most of the time they focused on salaries and endorsements. Steven Hodas, a practitioner-in-residence at the Center on Reinventing Publication, is quoted. Read More.

Key and Peele Sketch Raises an Important Question: Why Aren’t Teachers Paid More?

thinkprogress.org, July 29, 2015
Frustrated by the lack of innovation in K-12 education, a growing number of district leaders are giving small networks of schools the freedom and resources to try new approaches with classroom technology. But the approach can be rife with technical and logistical challenges, as can be seen in the experience of North Carolina’s 145,000-student Charlotte-Mecklenburg schools. A UW Bothell Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences professor, Dan Goldhaber, is mentioned. Read More.

Burlington alumni foundation awards 42 scholarships

goskagit.com, July 29, 2015
The Burlington-Edison Education and Alumni Foundation awarded 42 scholarships, totaling $56,000, this spring to graduating high school seniors. One of the scholarship recipients, Alexander Gentry, plans on studying computer science at UW Bothell. Read More.

UW Bothell School of Business partners with Carol Sanford Institute for Executive Education Certificate Program

bothell-reporter.com, ssuchronicle.com, July 29, 2015
The University of Washington Bothell School of Business will collaborate with the Carol Sanford Institute to create The Responsible Business Executive Education Program. Read More.

GGV launches second SEA fund, releases report on ecosystem

digitalnewsasia.com, July 29, 2015
SINGAPORE-headquartered Golden Gate Ventures (GGV) has launched the US$50-million Golden Gate Ventures Fund II LP fund, its second for South-East Asian tech startups. Xiahua (Anny) Wei, an Assistant Professor for UW Bothell’s School of Business, worked with other professors to prepare the report. Read More.

Freedom to experiment presents challenges for school innovation networks

edweek.org, July 29, 2015
Frustrated by the lack of innovation in K-12 education, a growing number of district leaders are giving small networks of schools the freedom and resources to try new approaches with classroom technology. Steven Hodas, a practitioner-in-residence at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, is quoted. Read More.

Meet new superintendent Fredrika Smith

monroemonitor.com, July 28, 2015
The school district was having parent teacher conferences, but in the special education department, not a single parent showed up. Fredrika Smith, then a special education teacher in the district, decided to believe that the reason was not that the parents of the children didn’t care. Smith is a lecturer at UW Bothell. Read More.

State's top aerospace adviser leaves Olympia to join WSU

heraldnet.com, July 28, 2015
Washington's aerospace policy director, Alex Pietsch, is leaving Olympia to join Washington State University as an industry liaison. UW Bothell is one of an eight-school consortium that offers courses at Everett University Center. Read More.

Experts discuss switching to four-day school weeks

tetonvalleynews.net, July 26, 2015
Switching to a four-day school week saves very little money but has the potential to provide more professional development and collaboration time for staff and enrichment or remediation time for students if Fridays are well planned. A research professor at UW Bothell, Paul Hill, is on the discussion panel. Read More.

The Daily Hilario: Not faking it

weaintgotnohistory.com, July 25, 2015
One-man band Robert DeLong — his live shows are a riot — is from Bothell, WA, which is a suburb very near where I spent many of my formative years in the Seattle metropolitan area. In fact, during one summer, I volunteered at the Bothell Senior Center, teaching computers to old people. UW Bothell is mentioned for its growth in students. Read More.

Representatives of 72 organizations pledge to help county get healthy

heraldnet.com, July 24, 2015
More than 400 people representing local business and nonprofit organizations launched an ambitious effort Thursday: to improve the health of people living in Snohomish County in the next five years. UW Bothell signed the pledge in support of this goal. Read More.

Commentary: Join me in crafting a definition of ‘an education’

dailypilot.com, July 24, 2015
"Schools have always been about developing students for life and work, and life is much more than earning a living. It's also living a life." A senior fellow at the Center on Reinventing Public Education, James Harvey, is quoted. Read More.

Town Gown Loop teaches citizens about Bothell history

bothell-reporter.com, July 22, 2015
Citizens of Bothell are invited to learn more about the city by taking a walk around town while learning about the area from plaques along the Town-Gown Loop. The Town-Gown Loop was created in partnership by UW Bothell, Cascadia Community College, and the City of Bothell. Read More.

Artfully Edmonds: Les Miserables at Driftwood, ECA kids dance camp, Saturday night music

myedmondsnews.com, July 22, 2015
The slogan “Art Feeds the Soul” seems the perfect backdrop for an interview with Morgan Heetbrink, director of the Driftwood Players’ Summer Teen Ensemble hit “Les Miserables” which enjoys its run this weekend. Heetbrink is a grad student at UW Bothell studying education. Read More.

Bernie Sanders and Black Lives Matter: 2016 presidential candidate struggles with topic of race despite history of civil rights activism

ibtimes.com, July 21, 2015
For perhaps the first time since becoming the wildly popular liberal alternative to Democratic presidential nomination front-runner Hillary Clinton, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont finds his progressive credentials have only a limited effect on today’s civil rights activists. UW Bothell assistant professor, Dan Berger, is quoted. Read More.

Skyline students earn scholarships from True Martial Arts studio

sammamishreview.com, July 21, 2015
True Martial Arts in Sammamish recently announced four recipients of its 2015 Senior Scholarship awards. One of the students who received a scholarship, Damian Banki, plans on attending UW Bothell this fall. Read More.

Faculty and staff crush the UW stair challenge goal!

washington.edu, July 21, 2015
On July 15, The Whole U challenged University of Washington faculty and staff to choose the stairs and climb toward a goal of 500K in 24 hours. This was an event that everyone could fit in. UW Bothell had an average of 900 steps per participant. Read More.

The myth about the special education gap

Insideronline.org, July 21, 2015
As public schools, charter schools are legally required to educate all students regardless of the difficulties they bring with them into the classroom. The results found and discussed on New York City schools were reported in a paper released by the Center on Reinventing Public Education and the Manhattan Institute. Read More.

DACA forum reaches out to Seattle Tongan community

iexaminer.org, July 19, 2015
While dialogue on immigration policy in the United States often centers around the Latino community, an effort is being led in Seattle to reach out to undocumented Asian and Pacific Islanders. Amy Kele, special speaker at the forum, received her social security number, worker’s permit, and is expecting to start school at UW Bothell this upcoming fall quarter. Read More.

4-day school week has benefits, drawbacks

idahopress.com, July 19, 2015
BOISE — A student on a four-day school week from kindergarten through 12th grade misses an entire year of education, according to Rep. Julie VanOrden, R-Pingree. Paul Hill, research professor at UW Bothell and former director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education, conducted a study of the four-day school week. Read More.

Representatives speak about state budget at Bothell Chamber luncheon

bothell-reporter.com, July 16, 2015
On July 8, the Greater Bothell Chamber of Commerce hosted guest speakers from legislation to speak about how elected representatives are working for citizens at a county, state and federal level. Kelly Snyder, UW Bothell vice chancellor, says “Today we’re going to focus on things that I get to spend a lot of time on – legislative work”. Read More.

The goal of solving something that has not been solved: Math majors selected for REUs

frontpage.gcsu.edu, July 15, 2015
Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) summer programs are great opportunities for students to get a sneak peak of what it means to do research in an environment that resemble the graduate school one. Samantha Clapp was selected for 2015 summer REU by UW Bothell. Read More.

UW Bothell again bests UW Seattle in rating of college value

seattletimes.com, July 14, 2015
MONEY magazine’s college planning calculator, published this week, once again anoints the University of Washington Bothell as the top school in the state for value — besting UW’s main campus in Seattle, which is ranked 56th. Read More.

University of Washington Bothell ranked best in state by Money magazine

bothell-reporter.com, July 14, 2015
For the second year in a row, the University of Washington Bothell has been ranked No. 1 in both the state of Washington and the Pacific Northwest, according to a ranking of best colleges in the most recent issue of Money magazine. Nationally, Money ranked UW Bothell No. 36 in its overall list of best public colleges – up one from No. 37 in 2014. The magazine ranked 736 colleges and universities on 21 measures in three categories: quality, affordability and outcomes. Read More.

The 10 best 'safety schools'

finance.yahoo.com, July 13, 2015
So-called "safety schools" often get a bad reputation for accepting most of their applicants, but many of the colleges are also top academic institutions. UW Bothell is listed #2 on Money Magazine according to student performance, graduation rates, and net price of a degree. Read More.

What will school autonomy mean for IPS?

chalkbeat.org, July 13, 2015
Kelly Bentley didn’t mince words when addressing detractors of the Indianapolis Public School Board’s recent push to shift the district toward becoming a system of independently-run elementary and high schools with less central office control. Marguerite Roza, a fellow with the Center for Reinventing Public Education, states “The idea here is rather than ignore that schools are very human-intensive operations, to actually harness that humanness and put it to work”. Read More.

E-bikes picking up speed in Seattle

crosscut.com, July 12, 2015
Given Seattle’s affinity for tech, its traffic issues, and its hilly terrain, so-called “e-bikes” – which contain a battery and can make strenuous hills seem to disappear – would seem like a natural fit for commuters. So why aren’t they all over town? If Seattle’s $18 million bike share expansion plan is approved later this year, we just might. Greg Tuke rides his e-bike from his Greenlake apartment to UW Bothell three or four times a week. Read More.

UW gains record freshman class, exceeds expectations

seattletimes.com, July 11, 2015
In the college admissions world, they call it “the yield” — the percent of students who choose to enroll in a particular college after they are accepted. And at the University of Washington this year, the yield was very, very good. The UW Seattle yield has been increasing with 6800 freshmen students, UW Bothell and Tacoma are also expecting record enrollments. Read More.

Bothell City Council adopts changes to Imagine Bothell… Comprehensive Plan

bothell-reporter.com, July 8, 2015
The Bothell City Council approved the updated Imagine Bothell… Comprehensive Plan at last night’s Council meeting, wrapping up a public engagement process that included more than 40 public hearings. The Comprehensive Plan includes continuing to integrate the growth and enrollment at the University of Washington Bothell. Read More.

WSU’s new Everett home ready to build

snoho.com, July 8, 2015
EVERETT — Washington State University’s four-year campus will be shaping up on north Broadway soon, and Everett Community College wants to grow as well. WSU secured the funding to begin constructing its new University Center building within the state budget, which was approved June 30. Western, Central, Eastern, and UW Bothell are just a few local universities that offer bachelor’s and master’s degree without the students having to attend the main campus. Read More.

School Winners

heraldnet.com, July 6, 2015
Two of the three outstanding students honored at the University of Washington Bothell commencement ceremony June 14 are from Snohomish County. Read More

Edmonds Booktalk: Staff favorites for great summer reads

myedmondsnews.com, July 2, 2015
July 25, 2015. Saturday at noon. Local author & editor Julie Shayne will be here. Her latest project is one she edited: “Taking Risks: Feminist Activism and Research in the Americas.” Julie Shayne is Senior Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington Bothell and Affiliate Associate Professor of Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies and Latin American and Caribbean Studies at the University of Washington Seattle Read More

Capital budget includes funding for Wayne land preservation, UW Bothell

bothell-reporter.com, July 1, 2015
The Washington State Senate passed a Capital Budget on June 30 that creates more than 45,000 jobs and invests more than $7 million in the greater Bothell area. The budget also includes $500,000 for Wayne land preservation. “UW Bothell has played a key role in revitalizing Bothell’s city center and transforming it into an all-American college small town,” stated McAuliffe. Read More

Column: Beloved Filipino American teacher pushed out by Seattle Schools

iexaminer.org, July 1, 2015
Rogelio (Roger) Despite almost two decades of dedicated educating and nurturing, Filipino American public school teacher Rogelio Rigor is being suddenly pushed out of Ida B. Wells High School in Seattle. “Wayne Au, Associate Professor in Educational Studies at UW Bothell”. Read More

How Common Enrollment Could Work for Detroit Parents

mackinac.org, July 1, 2015
When it comes to choosing a school in Detroit, families are faced with a wide variety of school applications. Making it more difficult for parents, these applications require different information and are due at different times. To make it easier for families, some are advocating for a "common enrollment" system. With common enrollment, families would fill out a single application to apply at any school in Detroit. Center for Reinventing Public Education report that students from white families are more likely to participate in common enrollment than students from minority families. Read More


UW Bothell’s first online course launches this week

bothell-reporter.com, June 30, 2015
UW Bothell launches its first fully online course this week with a year-long certificate in special education. While hybrid courses (classroom and online instruction) have been offered for some time, this is the university’s first course to be offered exclusively online.Read More

Upcoming local book events

heraldnet.com, June 28, 2015
The local author and editor will talk about her latest project, which is one she edited: “Taking Risks: Feminist Activism and Research in the Americas.” Shayne is senior lecturer in interdisciplinary arts and sciences at the University of Washington Bothell and an affiliate associate professor of gender, women and sexuality studies and Latin American and Caribbean studies at the University of Washington in Seattle. The shop is at 111 Fifth Ave. S. Read More

WSU presence will be Elson Floyd's legacy in Everett

komonews.com, June 27, 2015
EVERETT, Wash. (AP) - Elson Floyd had been Washington State University president about two years when Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson asked him in late 2009 to join forces to plant a WSU flag in the city. Bothell beat out Everett for the branch campus of University of Washington. Read More

Jacksonville Board of Education president believes charter schools will change public education

annistonstar.com, June 26, 2015
As Jacksonville’s Board of Education seeks a replacement superintendent for its school system, its president says whoever takes the job ought to be wary of charter schools. Christine Campbell, senior research analyst and policy director with the Center on Reinventing Public Education, said charter schools are expensive to run and difficult to set up. Read More

Education policy should focus on goals, not rules

washingtonexaminer.com, June 24, 2015
The rise of education entrepreneurship is one of the most promising developments in education in the past 25 years. But education policy should be reformed to allow for even more entrepreneurship, or the gains of the last quarter-century could be at risk. This much was made clear Wednesday at the American Enterprise Institute, which hosted a research conference on the state of entrepreneurship in K-12 education. Ashley Jochim, research analyst at the Center for Reinventing Public Education, said "[Governments] say, 'We want you to be innovative. Here are some rules,'”. Read More

Bobby Jindal’s Common Core Crusade Could Backfire

thedailybeast.com, June 24, 2015
The Louisiana governor is expected to announce his bid for president on Wednesday, but will his Common Core flip-flop come back to haunt him? Ashley Jochim, research analyst at the Center for Reinventing Public Education, said “it’s easy to view the dynamics of public opinion on common Core through a partisan lens”. Read More

School district promotes Stanton to vice principal at Helen Haller

mcall.com, June 24, 2015
Students, parents and staff at Helen Haller Elementary School will see a familiar face in a new role next fall. Stanton serves as a kind of administrative support role in conjunction with studies via UW Bothell. Read More

Allentown Starbucks employees lose out on perks

mcall.com, June 23, 2015
While you may have picked up a complimentary coffee at Starbucks in downtown Allentown on Monday, the barista who handed you that sizzling cup of caffeine won't be getting the chance to earn a free bachelor's degree courtesy of the Seattle-based coffee giant. Surya Pathak, associate professor of operations and supply chain management at UW Bothell, said opting for a licensed store is a way for a company like Starbucks to save on real estate costs while it introduces itself to a new market. Read More

New Orleans public schools elicit scrutiny and hope

tulane.edu, June 23, 2015
“The cornerstone of our democracy is this thing called public education.” That’s the view of Meria Carstarphen, superintendent of Atlanta Public Schools and a Tulane University graduate. Paul Hill, director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education, said, “We are all trying to say, how do we educate our kids better? How do we make sure we are always in a framework of looking for where kids have been neglected and failed, and what are the options to do better for them?”. Read More

UW Bothell to host Global Engagement through Technology Symposium

washington.edu, June 23, 2015
UW Bothell Global Initiatives and the Teaching and Learning Center will host the Global Engagement through Technology Symposium on September 18, 2015. The event brings together faculty, staff and administrators interested in implementing international collaboration components into courses across the curriculum and sharing best practices to create a physical and virtual learning community. Read More

Gross: Common enrollment can help Detroit parents

detroitnews.com, June 22, 2015
Two competing plans to fix Detroit’s troubled public schools—one from the Coalition for the Future of Detroit Schoolchildren, the other from Gov. Rick Snyder—have plenty of differences. But they agree on at least one thing: the need for a common enrollment system. Betheny Gross, research director at Center on Reinventing Public Education, has been leading studies on common enrollment systems and parents’ experiences on choosing schools. Read More

Upcoming local book events

heraldnet.com, June 21, 2015
The local author and editor will talk about her latest project, which is one she edited: “Taking Risks: Feminist Activism and Research in the Americas.” Shayne is senior lecturer in interdisciplinary arts and sciences at the University of Washington Bothell and an affiliate associate professor of gender, women and sexuality studies and Latin American and Caribbean studies at the University of Washington in Seattle. The shop is at 111 Fifth Ave. S. Read More

Elson Floyd: 'Principled, kind' WSU leader was friend of Everett

heraldnet.com, June 20, 2015
PULLMAN — Elson Floyd, president of Washington State University, whose leadership helped establish WSU's growing presence in Everett, has died at 59 of complications from colon cancer. Everett sought a university presence for years, looking to a place that eventually became UW Bothell. Read More

Ramadan fasts and feasts unite Seattle Muslims

seattleglobalist.com, June 18, 2015
Ramadan Kareem to all who are observing this fasting season! For Muslims around the Greater Seattle Area today marks the first day of Ramadan, a month on the Islamic Lunar Calendar of religious obligations observed by fasting and charity work. Marsha, a UW Bothell student, says “It was so easy to fast and not feel tempted to break fast early when you’re around 200+ million people who are doing the same thing”. Read More

UW, China’s ‘MIT’ to run tech program in Bellevue

seattletimes.com, June 18, 2015
One of the most prestigious universities in China is joining forces with the University of Washington to run a graduate institute in Bellevue that will focus on technology and innovation. In all three UW campuses – Seattle, Bothell, and Tacoma – had 3,528 students from China. Read More

MYRA Students at Bothell School of Business, University of Washington, USA.

pagalguy.com, June 13, 2015
Twelve students of MYRA School of Business - Adarsh Bavikatte, Anila Kumari, Anish Anil, Brindha R, D. Phani Ruthwick, Kachana Sai Deepak Reddy, Karan Bhasin, K Vivek, Sunkara SriGowthami, Durga Pavan, Sai Pratik Vemuri and Namburu Dileep Bhargav - completed a two-week intense Global Immersion Program at the Bothell School of Business, University of Washington, Greater Seattle area, USA, May-June 2015. Read More

How an Emission of Hydrogen Sulfide from Shell's Refinery Drifted over the Swinomish Reservation

thestranger.com, June 12, 2015
On February 20, people on the Swinomish reservation started smelling something strange. Some described the odor as burning tires or rotten eggs. Mike Cladoosby, 81, told KING 5 that breathing in the odor "burned," and that he spent the night in the hospital because of respiratory problems. UW Bothell professor, Dan Jaffe, was quoted and provided a visualization that showed how the toxic compound likely spread through the Swinomish reservation. Read More

Engagement: Sundahl-Morton

bnd.com, June 12, 2015
Andrea Marette Sundahl and Jonathan Michael Morton are engaged. The bride-to-be is a UW Bothell alumna. Read More

UW Bothell names Swedish CEO 2015 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year

bothell-reporter.com, June 12, 2015
The University of Washington Bothell has named Swedish CEO June Altaras the 2015 Distinguished Alumnus of the Year. Each year, the university recognizes an alumnus who has exhibited distinguished professional achievements and outstanding community service. Read More

Congratulations to this year’s graduates!

washington.edu, June 12, 2015
This year, close to 16,000 degrees will be awarded to graduates from the University of Washington in Seattle, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma. And this week, thousands will turn their tassels and change the world for the better. UW Bothell celebrated its largest graduating class on June 14, 2015. Read More

About Public Charter Schools

nj.com, June 11, 2015
Public charter schools are independent, public, and tuition-free schools that are given the freedom to be more innovative while being held accountable for advancing student achievement. Studies completed by the Center on Public Reinventing Education have shown that students who attend charter schools are more likely to find success later on. Read More

140th commencement for UW’s Seattle campus at Husky Stadium

washington.edu, June 11, 2015
A record 5,600-plus graduates, along with more than 40,000 family members, friends, faculty and other observers, are expected to attend the 140th University of Washington commencement ceremoniesJune 13 at Husky Stadium. UW Bothell’s 24th commencement celebration is mentioned. Read More

2015 Awards of Excellence recognize campus, community contributions

washington.edu, June 11, 2015
The University of Washington recognized and honored faculty, staff, students and distinguished alumni for the amazing work they do for the UW, for our local communities, for the citizens of Washington, and for our world. The Awards of Excellence were presented at Meany Hall on June 11, 2015. UW Bothell awarded Wayne Au, Associate Professor of Education, with the Distinguished Teaching Award. Read More

New intern wants to be a sports journalist

edmondsbeacon.villagesoup.com, June 10, 2015
Expect to see another byline in the Mukilteo Beacon this summer. Eric Erickson, a recent University of Washington grad, will be interning as a reporter for The Beacon until he goes back to college. Erickson plans on attending UW Bothell next year to further his education. Read More

UW Bothell Will Graduate Largest-Ever Class

kplu.org, June 10, 2015
For the third year in a row, the University of Washington Bothell is set to graduate the largest class ever. The 25-year-old branch struggled to take off in early days, but now is growing fast. Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Susan Jeffords was interviewed. Read More

On the Move

floridaweekly.com, June 10, 2015
Florida SouthWestern State College has hired two deans. Martin McClinton is the new dean of the School of Pure and Applied Sciences and Larry Miller is the new dean of the School of Education. Miller’s most recent appointment has been at the Center for Reinventing Public Education. Read More

Cap and Frown

case.org, June 8, 2015
Unhappy students arrived at Clifford Zimmerman's office, ready to speak their minds. The Northwestern University School of Law had announced that talk show host Jerry Springer would be its 2008 commencement speaker, and Zimmerman, the law school's dean, soon learned that some students and parents weren't thrilled. Lisa Walker, UW Bothell's Assistant Director for Ceremonies and Events, is quoted giving advice on who makes a great commencement speaker. Read More

Bobby Jindal's change of position on Common Core

politifact.com, June 8, 2015
Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal isn’t expected to announce his candidacy for president until June 24, but he’s already firing shots at future competitors. According Ashley Jochim, who studies Common Core at the Center for Reinventing Public Education, Jindal broke his own education head. Read More

Bothell Police Blotter

bothell-reporter.com, June 6, 2015
A victim reported the theft of a laptop, of unknown value, along Campus Way Northeast on UW Bothell/Cascadia campus. Read More

Teen travels from Nepal, fulfills family dream of graduating HS

komonews.com, June 6, 2015
Tammy, as classmates call her, grew up in tents in Tibet's mountains, part of a nomadic family that never attended school. Tammy's mom wanted better for her daughter, so she took her 9-year-old on a dangerous trek to India to attend boarding school. Tammy is accepted to UW Bothell. Read More

Soroptimists award scholarships

marysvilleglobe.com, June 6, 2015
MARYSVILLE — Soroptimist International of Marysville was able to award $15,500 in scholarships to 12 young ladies from Marysville Getchell and Marysville-Pilchuck high schools. Angelica Mendoza, a member of the International School of Communications, is described as a quiet leader who most likely will attend UW Bothell to study communications. Read More

George Tsutakawa fountain at Seattle Central gets its flow back

seattleglobalist.org, June 5, 2015
Recently, I attended the rededication event for “Fountain,” a fountain sculpture by the late Japanese American artist George Tsutakawa. The fountain is located in the heart of the Seattle Central College campus on Broadway. The writer of this article, Alia Marsha, wrote about this fountain back in English 101. Marsha was upset that the fountain was still not functioning by the time she attended UW Bothell. Read More

5 June Events to Welcome Summer

washington.edu, June 4, 2015
Food is all around us. Not just in supermarket aisles and restaurant kitchens, but also in nature (you know, that place where all the food we buy supposedly comes from). Want to learn how to forage in the forest and find tasty treats in your own backyard? Bring a lunch to Edible Gardening with Tyson Kemper for a brown-bag seminar on the subject. It’s Tuesday, June 23 at noon at UW Bothell. Read More

Is common enrollment right for Detroit?

detroitnews.com, June 4, 2015
Chances are, you’ve heard the term “common enrollment” recently. But what exactly does that mean? And how would it help parents in Detroit find the best school? Center on Reinventing Public Education came out with a study last month looking at how common enrollment has worked in Denver and New Orleans. Read More

Climate forecast for Seattle: warmer and wetter, with a chance of deluge

grist.org, June 4, 2015
Eric Salathé has been studying climate change since he was a graduate student at Yale back in the early ’90s. “I’m probably part of one of the very first cohorts of graduate students that came through doing climate change as their main thing,” Salathé said, sitting in his office at the University of Washington on a drizzly April morning. Eric Salathé is a profess of climate science at UW Bothell. Read More

UW Bothell's 25th commencement June 14

bothell-reporter.com, June 3, 2015
This year's graduates from the University of Washington Bothell Campus will walk at Alaska Airlines Arena at Hec Edmundson Pavilion at UW Seattle's Campus on Sunday, June 14. Read More

Study: Student-Teaching Placements Could Be Teacher-Equity Lever

edweek.org, June 2, 2015
What's one way to get more teachers interested in working in low-income schools? A new paper suggests one possibility: Give them opportunities to do their student-teaching in such schools. The working paper is written by Roddy Theobald and Dan Goldhaber, both of the Center for Education Data and Research at UW Bothell. Read More

Davis senior is a CEO in the making

yakimaherald.com, June 1, 2015
When it comes to graduating senior Adrian Garcia, the A.C. Davis High School library staff have a favorite quip to describe the mild-mannered 18-year-old. Garcia will be enrolling the UW Bothell in this upcoming fall quarter. Read More