UW Bothell Professors to Participate in Paws on Science

Friday, April 02, 2010
CONTACT: Elizabeth Fischtziur - (425) 352-3636 –
BOTHELL, Wash. – Two University of Washington professors will participate in the upcoming Paws on Science event, April 9-11 at the Pacific Science Center.

This special event weekend is an opportunity for the public to learn directly from University of Washington scientists about the amazing research breakthroughs happening at the UW.

UW Bothell Professor and Science and Technology Program Director (as well as Chancellor Emeritus) Warren Buck will host an exhibit about the connection between the smallest objects with the largest ones – the sub atomic particles and the stars. Says Dr. Buck, “Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) and its use of quarks (smallest massive particles known outside the leptons such as the electron) enables one to build nuclei such as protons and neutrons as well as alpha particles for example. Thus, stars compositions are made of nearly every form of nuclei. We can also use QCD to examine those particles that exhibit spontaneous decay.

To illustrate this tiny-large connection, I have created a game called “It Really Does Matter.”  With this game, using ordinary Legos, anyone can pick up quarks and build a proton or a pi meson for example.  Thereby gaining a better understanding of sub-atomic physics and how it relates to things we know about and look at in our daily lives.”

UW Bothell Professor Dan Jaffe will present posters of his world-renowned air pollution research. He will also display a unique experimental device, built and tested by UW Bothell freshman Kevin Call, which demonstrates the greenhouse effect.

Paws on Science is open to the public. For detailed information about the event, including costs and directions, visit

About UW Bothell:
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