New Curriculum Options

UW Bothell is continuously designing and developing new degrees to meet the needs of our students, community and state. The options listed below have recently launched or are approved to launch soon. Programs are added to this page as they begin the development stages and when they receive approval and funding. More information on future degrees and additional programs in development is available.

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New Degrees and Minors, 2013-2014

Autumn 2013

Interactive Media Design (Bachelor of Arts)
The B.A. in Interactive Media and Technology combines science and technology with creative and entrepreneurial disciplines to prepare students to use digital media and technology in a wide variety of fields. Built upon an interdisciplinary foundation, this program will emphasize project-based coursework. It will also provide students an opportunity to work with industry partners on projects.

Health Studies (Bachelor of Arts)
The B.A. in Health Studies will utilize a problem-based learning method to engage students with current public health issues. While teaching students the history of and ethics related to health issues, this program will help students develop the leadership skills necessary for working in a global environment. The Health Studies major will benefit the public/common good by educating students/citizens who prioritize the health of individuals, groups, countries, nations and the world.

Mathematics (Bachelor of Science)
The BS in Mathematics offers studies within an established and high demand field. Students may pursue career paths in such fields as engineering, actuarial science, database and computer systems administrators, network and data communications, and secondary mathematics teaching. Many students with degrees in mathematics choose to pursue graduate study in mathematics, physics, engineering and other STEM disciplines.

Autumn 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies - Mathematical Thinking & Visualization Option (Bachelor of Arts)
Students will acquire critical competence in different ways to address real-world problems in mathematical forms. They will work in interdisciplinary teams to explore a range of problems that have mathematical underpinnings. This degree will give students with a strong interest in understanding and communicating complex ideas and dense information an opportunity to develop and showcase those capacities. It will speak to employer interests in students’ abilities to communicate ideas to colleagues and the public.

Chemistry (Bachelor of Arts)

Climate Science and Policy (Bachelor of Arts)

Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

Education (Bachelor of Arts)

Mechanical Engineering (Bachelor of Science)

Nursing (BSN 1+2+1)