Admission Criteria

Students entering into the program are expected to have a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from an accredited institution. Students may also enter into the program with an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree other than in EE from an accredited institution. With regard to an appropriate Bachelor’s Degree, we would consider, for example Physics, or Mechanical or Biomedical Engineering with some appropriate EE experience or course work. Examples of specific knowledge base include: dc/ac circuits analysis, basic electronics, signal processing, probability and basic programming skills (e.g., MATLAB). 

However, non-EE students who do not meet the admissions standards above may consider taking our Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations. The courses in our Certificate in Electrical Engineering Foundations are designed to prepare the post-baccalaureate students for admission to the MSEE program. 

The MSEE Admissions Committee may take into account the student’s educational and personal experience when deciding admission.  

Application instructions can be found HERE.


For more information, please contact the Graduate Advisor for the MSEE Program at or (425) 352-5490.