Facebook App with Expedia and Map APIs

My project is building a Facebook App using data from Facebook with Expedia.com and presented on a map application. The application displays your friends on Google Maps, placing them in the city where they currently live and shows you how much a round trip ticket would cost to visit that friend. The application’s purpose is put together available data from a person’s Facebook account and Expedia.com or another online travel site to inform the user about pricing to visit each friend. The Google Maps allow for a more visual representation of the data and allow a more interactive application.

The project was inspired by an app from an airline. Their application also does the same thing in that it will display friends from your Facebook profile and show how much it would be to visit that friend. However the app from the airline is limited to prices available on the airline and to where the airline flies. Using flight information from a travel online site provides more airlines with more flight destinations and prices.

The app is a web application written in PHP with plenty of JavaScript for the Google Map API. The app also uses REST (Representational State Transfer) calls to access data from Expedia.com and certain data from Google maps and Facebook.

The following image is a sample result from a user. As can be seen, the user got results for Europe and Australia.

Facebook App with Expedia and Map APIs screenshot

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Project Info

Thuan Pham

Thuan Pham

Faculty Advisor
Joseph McCarthy