Saturday June 3, 2017

University of Washington Bothell
North Creek Events Center

Festival Schedule

(order of readings is subject to change)

Greetings and Opening Remarks
1:00 pm

Jeanne Heuving, Director
MFA in  Creative Writing & Poetics

1:15 pm

Corbin Louis - No Way Out But Through  
Yohandra Cabello - The Anatomical Grip
Brent Cox - The River Twice
Terrell Fox - This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

2:30 pm

Liezel Moraleja Hackett - Matindi
Amanda Hurtado - POST
Nicole McCarthy - The Blueprints of Memory 
Denise Calvetti Michaels - The Things Downriver

3:45 pm

4:00 pm

Allison Morton - The Missing Hour
Joshua Osborn - Mother, Memory, Monotony
September Thorlin - A Nursery Rhyme from Another Summer 
Cora Walker - Hindsight 2050

Guest Writer Reading
5:15 pm

Renee Gladman


Guest Writer, Renee Gladman

Renee Gladman is an artist and writer preoccupied with lines, crossings, thresholds, geographies, and syntaxes as they play out in the interstices of poetry and fiction. She is the author of eight published works, including a cycle of novels about the city-state Ravicka and its inhabitants, the Ravickians, Morelia, a novella, and Calamities, a collection of essays, forthcoming in 2016. A 2014-2015 Radcliffe Fellow at Harvard University, she currently lives in Providence, RI.