Alumni Ambassadors

Nominated by faculty and staff, Alumni Ambassadors are volunteers who share their program and professional experiences with current and prospective students.  Through events and email conversation, ambassadors are available to discuss how they have navigated their studies and translated their degrees into success.

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John Boucher, '14

John Boucher is a writer, filmmaker, musician, critic and scholar. His work has appeared in a variety of publications and venues from hand-made micro-press lit journals to international film festivals. He holds an AAS in Film & Video Communications from Seattle Central College; a BA in Creative Writing & Film Theory / Production from The Evergreen State College; and an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from The University of Washington Bothell. While periods of
intense solitude are important to his arts practice, he also thrives on collaboration, as evidenced by his work with others in live musical and lit performances, independent filmmaking efforts, and various group-based projects. He owned and operated a boutique media production company for several years; co-founded the Seattle-based writing group Les Sardines and their lit rag Les Sar'zine; co-founded zer0day press with MFA cohort-mate Aimee Harrison; and produced, with artist Aaron Morgan, The IIWII Project, a poetry + illustration mashup series that the duo published daily online for five years. His critical work has included writing film commentary for Seattle Gay Scene and serving on the poetry editorial team for Noble Gas Quarterly.

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Laura Burgher, '15

Laura Burgher is a multi-genre writer and educator. Her undergraduate studies in Anthropology fostered an interest in the crossover of scientific and cultural research. Laura’s Master’s thesis, The Researcher’s Book of Her/mes, is a cross-genre work focusing on the intersection between research and imagination. She is interested in exploring liminality in dream and text through a post-structuralist lens of queer theory. Her background in theater design and production steer her towards work that is visual, collaborative, and can be performed. She has participated in a handful of readings in Seattle and finds immense value in being part of a lively literary community. She is co-founder and co-editor of Small Po[r]tions Journal and Letter [r] Press, one of the most rewarding projects to come out of her time in the MFA. Laura has taught writing to both children and adults and plans to continue her career within the world of education. She currently works as a Lead Consultant in the UWB Writing and Communication Center where she hopes to expand her knowledge of education and critical pedagogy. 

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Travis Sharp, '15

Travis A Sharp is a queer poet, intermedia writer, and book artist interested in intersectionalities, gender/queer theory, queer technologies and articulations, body ontologies, and writing pedagogies. Travis’ background includes teaching, publishing, and theatre management, co-founding and serving as stage manager and assistant director for the Athenian Players at Athens State University, where Travis also founded the College of Arts and Sciences’ interdisciplinary journal. Travis is a co-founding editor of small po[r[tions / Letter [r] Press, is an editor at Essay Press, and has spent the past year as an intern for the Bagley Wright Lecture Series on Poetry. Travis’ recent or forthcoming publications include poetry in Columbia Poetry Review, Fact-Simile, DREGINALD, Tinderbox Poetry, Big Lucks, Belleville Park Pages, and Riprap, among others; book reviews in Entropy; and one installment of an interview series by small po[r]tions editors in The Conversant. Travis has exhibited work at the Alabama Center for the Arts, Gallery 1412 in Seattle, and the Tashiro Kaplan Artist Lofts. Travis works as a Lead Consultant at the UW Bothell Writing and Communication Center and teaches part-time. Travis recently graduated from the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics, where Travis worked on body-interested poetry and poetics, self-portraiture, and videopoetry. The MFA program provided Travis with a generative and generous time to explore and develop a sense of performativity that has come to permeate much of Travis’ work

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