Alumni Ambassadors

Alumni Ambassadors are alumni representatives who embody the values and aims of the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics program. As alumni working across diverse roles and sectors, they support prospective students, current students, and fellow alumni by sharing how they’ve translated their degrees and navigated their careers.

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Sarah Baker, '15

Sarah Baker is a writer, designer and editor living in Seattle. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics from the University of Washington Bothell and a BA in Anthropology from UCLA. She is a co-founder and co-editor of Small Po[r]tions Journal and Letter [r] Press, has worked as an intern and freelance designer for Wave Books and was a co-director for APRIL, Seattle's (discontinued) annual festival of small and independent publishing. She is currently a lecturer in creative writing for undergraduates at UW Bothell.

Scott Brown, '15

Scott BrownScott Brown is a writer and graphic designer in Seattle, WA. He holds an MFA from University of Washington Bothell and a BA in English from Whitworth University.  Scott is interested in writing that explores complications and contradictions with his MFA thesis focused on the tensions between what we think, what we feel, what we want to think, and what we want to feel.  Scott has written one (never-to-be-sold) novel and is currently working on expanding his MFA thesis into a full-length novel.

Natalie Singer-Velush, '16

Natalie Singer-Velush

Natalie Singer-Velush is a writer, editor, and teacher. Her hybrid memoir, California Calling: A Self-Interrogation, was published by Hawthorne Books in 2018. She is an invited 2017/2018 writer ambassador for On the Boards, a contemporary performing arts collective in Seattle, where her critical responses to the season’s performances create a bridge of dialogue between artists and the community. She has taught poetry with Pongo Teen Writing to youth inside King County’s juvenile detention and at the state's psychiatric facility for youth. Natalie is also a communications manager at Microsoft. As a mother/artist, Natalie is concerned with the experiences of, and access granted to, parent artists and mothers in particular. In a culture where mothers navigate near-constant tension and marginalization around their identities as women and caregivers, mother/artists often struggle to access the resources available to other artists and which are critical to sustain a creative self. Through her creative and community work, Natalie is committed to supporting mother/artists so that their voices may be heard and their work elevated.