Thesis Work

Thesis Timeline

First Year of Study

Early May           

Second Year Transition Form Due

Late May            

Request for Thesis Advisor Form Due

Early June          

Before the end of the school year, contact your thesis advisor and set out a summer plan of work. Thesis advisors are not generally available in the summer, so setting out a plan in advance of fall quarter is a very good idea.

Second Year of Study

Fall Quarter       

Work on Thesis

Winter Quarter

Work Toward A Completed Thesis

Spring Quarter

Complete Thesis


2015 Completion Dates and Deadlines      


Monday, March 30

First draft of Thesis due to Thesis Advisor

Monday, May 4

Revised Thesis due to Thesis Advisor and Second Reader. (Please check with advisor and readers as to whether they prefer hard copy or electronic copy).

Friday, May 15      

Spring Festival Intent to Participate. Let Graduate Office know of your intent to participate in the Spring Festival and how you would like your name and the title of your thesis to appear on the program. Please also submit a 75-150 word bio at this time for the festival program. This information should be submitted via Catalyst by the end of the day on May 15. 

Monday, May 18       

Master’s Degree Request. This is a good time to submit this electronic request, albeit you can do so earlier in the quarter and at the very latest must do so by Friday June 5.

This is also a good time to set up an ETD (Electronic Thesis/Dissertation) account and explore their submission requirements and thesis publication and access options.

Monday, May 18

Thesis Advisor and Second Reader provide written feedback to student on thesis. If for any reason you do not meet the May 4 deadline, you will not be assured of timely feedback.

Monday, June 1       

Final thesis due to Thesis Advisors and Second Readers, together with a filled-in hard copy of the “Master’s Supervisory Committee Approval Form.”  

Friday, June 5           

Last day to submit a Master’s Degree Request

Saturday, June 6         

Spring Festival

Saturday, June 6           

Master’s Supervisory Committee Approval Form. The Spring Festival is an excellent opportunity to get your Thesis Advisor and Second Reader’s signatures on your Master’s Supervisory Committee Approval Forms. If anyone on your committee is not planning to be at the Spring Festival, it is strongly recommended that you get their signatures before the Spring Festival. Getting signatures on this form is your responsibility. You are highly advised to submit the hard copy of the approval form with all advisor and student signatures to the IAS Grad Office by June 8. In this case the Grad Office will deliver this form to the Graduate School for you. If you do not have your form in by end of day, students will be responsible for delivering the signed form to the Graduate School on the Seattle Campus before 5pm on June 12. The Master’s Supervisory Committee Approval Form MUST be signed in hard copy and ink by student and Thesis Advisors and Second Readers.  Faxed copies are not accepted by the Graduate School.

Friday, June 12, 11:59 p.m.

Last possible minute to submit thesis.  Try to accomplish this earlier!


Notes on consequences of missed submission, or unapproved final submissions.

Scenario 1.  Thesis work is completed and approved, but the final submission deadline of June 12 is missed.

If students have completed all their degree requirements, including satisfactory thesis work, but miss the submission deadline for filing with the Graduate School, they can pay a Graduate Registration Waiver Fee of $250 instead of re-enrolling.  This is for students who may have formatting issues as opposed to substantive issues with their final thesis. 

Scenario 2. Thesis work is not approved by final submission deadline.

Without approval of final requirements, including satisfactory completion of the thesis, students cannot graduate.  The Graduate School requires that students maintain enrollment as a full- or part-time graduate student in the quarter that they graduate, part-time status can be maintained with 2 credits.

For MFA students whose theses are not approved prior to the June 12 submission deadline, the student will need to enroll in additional credits (min. 2 CR) in the future to maintain enrolled status and file for completion/graduation in the quarter of their enrollment.  (Students do not have to go on leave for the summer if they plan to enroll in autumn). 

See Final Quarter Registration for details.