Program Curriculum

Current Second Year Courses

2016 - 2017 Schedule

Autumn Quarter 2016

BCWRIT 700 Master's Thesis
Arranged with Thesis Advisor


Winter Quarter 2017

BCWRIT 700 Master's Thesis
Arranged with Thesis Advisor


Spring Quarter 2017

BCWRIT 700 Master's Thesis
Arranged with Thesis Advisor


Students will need to fill out registration forms for each quarter. 
This schedule may be subject to change.

Second Year Electives

There are several different programs and departments from which you may draw your electives, below are some suggestions.

UW Bothell - School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences (IAS)

MFA Creative Writing & Poetics

Independent study courses are offered as part of the MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics curriculum and all carry variable credits. If, in fact, you do plan to pursue the non-residency option in your second year, you will need to constitute all of your 15 credit hours through the BCWRIT individual study program. Each of these courses requires that you fill out forms that will designate how you will pursue work in these areas. You can find these forms on the MFA website under Petitions and Forms:

BCWRIT 517 Teaching Practicum (3- 5 credits)
BCWRIT 520 Internship (2-5 credits)
BCWRIT 598 Directed Research (2-15 credits)

Recommended Courses by MFA Faculty


BCWRIT 598 Directed Research: Reading Poetry (Heuving)
BCWRIT 598 Directed Research: Science Fiction (Brown)
BCWRIT 598 Directed Research: Nightmare Poetics (Hiebert)


BCWRIT 598 Directed Research: Advanced Poetics, 4-5 students max (Heuving)


BCWRIT 598 Directed Research
BCWRIT 587 Topics in Creative Practice (Bergman). Th 5:45-10:00 pm. Course held at Institute for New Connotative Action: INCA. 2 West Roy St. Seattle.

This is a seminar, discussion, reading and production group. Students will develop visual analogues directly related to their MFA thesis. We will be producing visual art works and then engaging them in group critique. The objective is for the student artist to expand their grasp of words to visual language.Most of the meetings will take place at INCA in Lower Queen Anne: 2 West Roy St. The printing studio in Room 1318 of Husky Hall will be available to you during the quarter to print works and make publications.

Masters in Cultural Studies

Cultural Studies offers several elective courses each quarter, often of much interest for MFA students. Recommended courses include:


BCULST 585 Topics in Cultural Activism and Advocacy: Race, Gender and Sexuality in Science Fiction (cárdenas). M 5:45-10:00 pm, held at UW Seattle.

The lives of trans and queer people of color today are science fiction, when viewed from the perspective of their ancestors, claim Andrienne Maree Brown and Walidah Imarisha in Octavia’s Brood. In this interdisciplinary course, students will read and write science fiction, watch and play speculative media, in order to understand women of color feminism, queer of color critique, and transgender studies as modes of engaging with movements for social change. Students will create hybrid creative/scholarly digital media projects in Scalar, an online platform for digital scholarship, as well as have the option of using other digital platforms according to their interest.

400 Level IAS Courses

Each quarter, there are a number of 400 level courses in Culture, Literature and the Arts as well as Interdisciplinary Arts which are open to you. Check the Time Schedule for courses being offered. Specifically, MFA students may find courses under BIS, CLA, and IA. Recommendations include:

Autumn 2016
BISIA 483A Advanced Arts Workshop: Experimental Writing. T/Th 3:30-5:30 (Milutis)

Spring 2017
BISIA 483 Advanced Art Workshop: Curatorial Studies - Rituals of Exhibiting Art. (Salinas). Intensive two weekend (Fri-Sun) course. March 31, April 1, April 2, 28 April, 29 April and 30 April. Hours: 11am-5pm. At Institute for New Connotative Action (INCA): 2 West Roy St. Seattle, 98119.

Artists have produced artist-run spaces for many reasons, but one key similarity is a desire for artists for freedom and alternatives. In this course we will discuss the art exhibition as site. How have artists and through art history used the format of the exhibition to convey meaning, follow or defy convention? Where are the tensions and potentials located in current exhibition practices?

We will examine important historical exhibitions and alternative exhibition sites. What are the advantages and failures of artist-run spaces and institutional art spaces? What are the shifting roles of the artist and the curator?

The course will consist of lectures with an emphasis on discussion and holistic analysis of work and idea. The students will read and respond to weekly texts. The students will conceptualize, design and install an exhibition at INCA.

UW Seattle - English

All English graduate courses are open to MFA students, with the exception of the creative writing workshops. View a complete listing of English courses for 2016-2017 here. Please note, UW Seattle literature and theory courses are open to our students, however, creative writing and writing practice courses are not open to MFA students.

If you wish to sign up for an English Department course, please call the English Grad Office at 206-543-6077 for an entry code once Period I Registration has begun. Identify yourself as a student in UW Bothell’s MFA in Creative Writing & Poetics. You will be given a registration code at the start of Period II Registration and may register on a space-available basis. 

UW Bothell - Education

You can use your elective credits to enhance your teaching abilities and opportunities. UW Bothell offers several education programs leading to advanced education degrees and certification in K-8 and in Secondary and Middle levels. These courses can also serve as excellent preparation for teaching in community colleges, although there are no formal certification requirements for college-level teaching. Requirements to teach in the public schools vary greatly according the grade-levels and / or fields. The best place to start if you are interested in public school certification is to attend an information session sponsored by the UWB Education Program appropriate to your interests and then to make an appointment with advisors in the Education Program to review degree requirements in relationship to your previous course work. During winter quarter, the Education program plans to host a special information session for MFA students, so try to attend this if at all possible.

There are two different course sequences that may be of interest to you, and that are open to you. One is the Teaching and Learning minor. While this is aimed at undergraduates, you may wish to partake of courses in this sequence. Another option is taking graduate education courses at the master's level. These are excellent preparation for community college and may count for the UWB Secondary and Middle Level Teacher Certification M.Ed.

Graduate level Education courses that are open to you:
Autumn - BEDUC 501 Inquiry in Education
Winter - BEDUC 502 Teachers’ Self-Understanding
Spring - BEDUC 504 Theories of Organizational Change and School Reform

UW Certificates

The UW offers several Graduate Certificates which may be completed while enrolled as a graduate student. Certificates require a minimum of 15 approved credits and a maximum of 6 credits may “double-count” for both the certificate and one’s program. If you are interested in a particular certificate, please contact that program’s advisor to review certificate requirements in relationship to your MFA coursework. Students completing certificates while in the MFA program will pay PCE rates for additional credits.

Please note, certain certificates are open to select disciplines and/or PhD students only.

Study Abroad

At this time the MFA program does not accept study abroad credits to be applied toward the required 15 elective credits.