Program Curriculum

The UW Bothell MFA consists of a residency program in its first year, and residency and non-residency options in its second year. Students participate in the program as a member of a cohort of 18 MFA students and are required to take 10 credits per quarter.

First Year

In the first year creative writing workshops are paired with poetics seminars in a sequential study.

MFA student in lecture*  The first quarter explores diverse genres and writing practices in relation to cultural and social change.

*  In the winter relationships between imagination and fact are investigated and writers’ research methods are explored.

*  Spring quarter focuses on processes of thinking and memory and how these are challenged or altered by such technologies as photography and new media.

Second Year

another picture of the MFA student in lectureThe second year is divided between thesis work and an additional 15 credits of elective courses. Students can pursue their second year as residency or non-residency students, or a combination of both. In advance of their second year, students will have the opportunity to create an individualized course of study in consultation with their advisors. Residency students will be able to develop expertise in a subject area of their choice: education, environmental studies, literature, interdisciplinary arts, cultural studies, global studies, community psychology, computer software, human rights, or any number of diverse areas of UW graduate instruction.

Interdisciplinary Studies 

The MFA is one of three graduate degree programs in Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences.